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Skippy wakes up, excited to start his day. While walking, he stubs his toe and starts crying. Later while getting dressed, Skippy accidentally pops his favorite hopper ball with a heater and cries again. While eating breakfast and listening to the radio, Skippy hears a sad song, and this makes him cry yet again. Next door, Slappy is becoming annoyed by Skippy's crying. Slappy then bets that Skippy cannot go 24 hours without crying. After the bet is made, Slappy follows Skippy home to make sure he cries and tries to make SpongeBob cry over things like a beautiful sunset, sad news stories, a sad song on the clarinet, and sitpopping a soccerball. Amazingly, Skippy manages to hold in his tears until midnight, despite all of Slappy's best attempts, and after midnight, Skippy cries all over Bikini Bottom like crazy. With Skippy winning the bet over him, Squidward is forced to come over to Slappy's house for a sleepover, and the episode ends with Slappy crying hysterically and Skippy comforting him while watching TV.


  • During the hopper ball destruction, a printed picture of a poor quality screenshot of the 2003-2004 paramount logo and replica of the 2003-2011 warner bros. pictures logo was seen on ones of skippy’s picture frames.