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Ant Does It! is a 1971 Short Film Which was Directed By Friz Freleng.


The Bear (Bär) Tries To Struggle Down While Sleeping, But an Ant Came By, She Disturbed The Ant as The Spotted Ferret Giggled at The Tiny Red Ant, The Bear Yawned as She Gets Up, The Rabbits Hopped Along With The Hare For The First Time, She Was Scared of the Ant, She Yelled “Ant Does It!” as She Hides Under The Chair, The Smarty Weasel Came Up By Himself Seeing Her, The Ant Crawled Over on Smarty‘s Fur, He Screams and Flies Away Over The Chair, The Bear Gets Up and Runs To Put the Shovel on The Anthill, She Digs Up To Destroy The Anthill In Order To Defeat Ants, She Sweats as All Get Out, She Tried The Best and Digs Faster as She Panted, Then! The Anthill was Destroyed, She, Smarty and Spotted Were Happy To See How The New Home Looks Like, She Tried Her Best and She Giggled Till the end of the Short Film.


  • June Foray as The Bear
  • Mel Blanc as The Spotted Ferret/The Smarty Weasel
  • Frank Welker as The Ants


  • This Looney Tunes Had a New Intro For The Bear.
  • This is The Bear’s Second Short Film.


7 Minutes

Release Date

January 1st 1971


Rob Walsh (composer)