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--Baby Fasty

Baby Fasty
Personal Information
Aliases Cutie (By Wile E.)
Gender Male
Species Roadrunner
Age 1
Birthday October 6, 2017
Occupation Baby
Homeworld Earth
Residence The Middle of Nowhere
Interests Playing, racing, charming Wile E.
Parents Nina Runner (Mother)
Pet(s) Paul (robin)
Production Information
First appearance The Baby Roadrunner
Voiced by Emmalyn Ray

Baby Fasty is a baby roadrunner who teams up with Wile E. Coyote one in a while. His mother, Nina Runner, is always worrying about him.


He has appeared in many episodes including:

"Silent Fright", "DIMENSIONS: The Prehistoric Times" and "Baby Fasty's Pet".

He is a major character in The Baby Fasty series.


Baby Fasty first appeared in "The Baby Roadrunner" when Road Runner awaits his long-waited nephew.

He is also mentioned in "The Adventures of the Road-zipper" when Road Runner tells about his life-story.