Baby Looney Tunes Cartoon Photos

'Uhhhhhh Ta-Da !'

Baby Looney Tunes: The Movie is a Family Animation/Live Action Movie of Baby Looney Tunes in 2013. Its Mostly About Baby Bugs and The Gang go on an River Adventure on a Bathtub ( for a boat). Starting Andrew W.K. and Drake Bell.


Baby Bugs and The Gang's Uncle ( Andrew W.K : Destory Build Destory). The Uncle tells Them a Story about a Man with bunch of Babys went on a Bathtub on a River.Then Floyd Minton (Drake Bell) was taking an Bath, The Baby Looney Tunes Scare him.and Take out The Bathtub with him on it.Then Taz Hold it and took it to the river and put some Shirt and Pants on Floyd and went on there Bathtup Adventure.Then They went on it for a long time, They all slleep on the rug in the bathtub, But Bugs and Daffy were fight for the Rug.Then They Fall in The Waterfall.The Martain falls and get hurt. Then They Try to Gte Back home untill Marain gets super Sick. But they End up in Nevada.Then They go all round The world. But Floyd tought it was all a dream but the boat landed at home.