Bugs Bunny has fun popping beach-balls.


  • This was filmed in August 2015, during the filming of Season 4, back when the series used Bob Singleton's music, Bob Givens' animation and before Bugs Bunny was replaced by Mr. Whiskers.
  • This is the only Season 6 Inflatable Popping episode to star Bugs Bunny (which became Mr. Whiskers), the Tasmanian Devil (which became Brandy) or foreign Looney Tunes characters except for Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester, Sylvester Junior and Tweety (which only left New Looney Tunes).
    • However, After Season 5:
      • Bugs Bunny's cousin Daffy Duck will return in Daffy Duck is Back, The Last Beach Ball Pop and Bugs Bunny's Ultimate Punishment Day, where Mr. Whiskers downgrades as Mr. Whiskers in Glasses played by Cartoon Network Studio, then Mr. Whiskers without Glasses, then the prototype version of Mr. Whiskers before the Academy Screener of Zig and Sharko: The Conquistador, then the lavender Bugs Bunny in Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production (also known as New Looney Tunes), then to the reddish-purple Bugs Bunny and finally to the blueish-purple Bugs Bunny from 1954 to 2011, which then gets downgraded to the original 1940 Bugs Bunny costume from A Wild Hare to Devil May Hare.
      • Daffy's principal (Porky Pig) will return in Mr. Whiskers Downgrades Porky Pig, as he tries to lose weight in that episode.
      • Lola, Porky, Daffy and Bugs return in Hare to the Throan.
      • The Season 5 Cast (along with Abagail [debuted in Season 7] and Bigfoot [debuted in Season 6]) would be shown in The Looney Tunes Movie 2: Gaining 3,000 Inflatables)
      • Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, Elmer Fudd and Marvin the Martian still appear in Looney Tunes concerts, and grounded videos.
      • Road Runner still appears in Looney Tunes merchandise.
      • Kristen Wigg still voices some of Paramount Home Entertainment's CNTwo AMVs.
      • Bugs Bunny's name reappears during a performance with "Try to Pop the Ball" on June 20, 2019.
      • Bugs Bunny and Taz are still available on
      • Former Looney Tunes are still available at Six Flags.
      • When the Former Looney Tunes left on October 8, 2018, Bugs Bunny now lives at Mr. Whiskers house and Mr. Whiskers now lives at his.
      • Paramount enhanced their "Paramount Family Entertainment" logo as a 90th Anniversary one.
      • Paramount Family Entertainment was defunct and Paramount Home Media Distribution was renamed to Paramount Family Entertainment.
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