Blast to the Stars is the third segment of the third episode of Season 4 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Babs and Buster Bunny.


In this alternate universe set in space, Babs Bunnifly (Babs) is a magical princess who has in her power a powerful magic wand. However, she'll get way more than she bargained for when the Mousonco military, led by the villainous Lord Brain (The Brain), plans an invasion that will threaten the entire universe. With Buster Diaz (Buster) by her side, Babs will have to prove to the universe that she can be a right heroine for save it.



  • Writers: J. G. Quintel, Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone
  • Storyboard Artists:
  • Directors: J. G. Quintel and Paul Rugg



  • "Pinkon, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" - The Brain.
  • "I think so, Lord Brain. But are you sure this gonna work?" - Pinky.
  • "At least, I finally can take over the universe. (looks at the wand) Wait a minute... (sees that the wand is a copy and a sucker face appears on his face)" - The Brain.


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