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Skippy bouncing on a bouncy ball

For his gift to Skippy, Slappy presents him with a hopper ball when Slappy gives him more zaniness. Skippy begins to cry copiously, eventually handing Slappy a sweater made from his popped beach balls.

The final activity Skippy has planned is watching the sunset with Slappy. Remembering Yakko's warning about Skippy's death, Slappy nervously agrees to participate. As they sit facing the setting sun, SpongeBob casually notes the brick wall Squidward has built between them. SpongeBob then mentions that if he were to die, "in some sort of fiery explosion due to the carelessness of a friend," this sunset would be exactly what he would want to see. Squidward begins to tear up at this while SpongeBob lets out a small burp, saying something of indeterminate flavor just hit his lower intestine. With the sun nearly past the horizon, SpongeBob begins a five-second countdown, letting Squidward finish the count. At the end of the first count, with the sun still visible, SpongeBob chuckles that they may have started too early. Squidward, increasingly nervous, begins counting down once more. When he hits "zero," the sun finally sets and an explosion rocks the wall. Squidward breaks down into tears, thankful he was at least able to make SpongeBob's last few hours meaningful.

Another explosion occurs, which knocks the wall down, crushing Squidward. He pulls himself out from underneath and, to his bewilderment, finds Skippy alive and well and licking a lolipop bomb. Slappy angrily berates Skippy that he was supposed to explode after popping his hopper ball and he cries again.