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Many people think that the first and only time that bugs bunny and mickey mouse have appered together was in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Well im here to tell you that is wrong, and they first appered in a cartoon that is so obsure, not even Jerry Beck knows it.

Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck was a Looney Tunes short originaly realesed on May 15th 1938 (on Plane Crazy's tenth aniversary). The short was notable for being Bugs Bunnys first apperance. According to the copright catalog, the cartoon was directed by Ben Hardaway and Cal Dalton, it had a story by Michal Maltiese (being the first cartoon he wrote) and animation by Willy Ashworth. The short (as of September 2020) is compleatly lost. However, its said that the original print of The golden age of looney tunes vhs volume 7, had this short in place of hare ribbion, however this hasent been confiremed. Most reports of the cartoon airing are from 1978, on mickeys 50th aniversery. Luckaly, I have a copy of the first 5 minutes (the cartoon was said to be 8 minutes long) so im going to give you a rundown of the cartoon as I cant upload the cartoon due to me not knowing how to.

The first half is bassicaly a reagular cartoon of the 1930s. It opens with bugs bunny visiting his best freind donald duck. Oh and I forgot to mention, bugs bunnys design looks a lot like mickey. He has shoes, some overalls and his ears are circle shaped. Anyway, Bugs come to donalds house and they both have fun. Happy music plays in the backround as bugs and donald play.

However, around the 3:39 mark, things start to become creepy, bugs decides to go downstairs to get something. When he gets downstairs, the door closes. All of the happy music stops. Bugs is now shivering. He slowly walks down to a bright light that he sees and all of a sudden, a hand grabs bugs. Bugs then screams. Whats scary is that his scream is not the regular cartooney scream but a really strange scream with a echo to it.

Anyway, after this sceane, Bugs sees that the hand is from donald, and he immediantly breaths a sigh of relif. However, Donald then holds a baseball bat. He says "hello friend" in a creepy voice and hits bugs with it. Thats when my copy ends. Whats really scary about the basement sceane was the weird angles, and no horror music as I suspected. It was just no noise and no shivering effects, with the occasinal bat noise. And the baseball bat hitting part, I dont want to get into detail. It was just so graphic and disturbing. Not what I would expect from a looney tune. Anyway, I don't know what happens after that sceane. I don't know if this will become a big search, with people constantly asking me, but I thought that I would share this with you.

(why yes, this is fake)

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