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Air date March 11, 1961

April 1, 2013 (actual release date)

Written by Warner Bros. Cartoons
Directed by Chuck Jones
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Lighter Than Hare
The Abominable Snow Rabbit


Owen and Geoff waste their hoppity hop balls and beach balls on Halloween by damaging the bladders with their weight.


  • This is one of the cartoons that uses Bugs Rabbit because he was available during 1961.
    • The inflatables in this episode are also animated and the bugs bunny title card with a beach ball in place of the carrot (as seen on the vhs cover for Beach Ball Bash) is also added at the beginning to make the episode more cartoonish. There are also no subtitles in this episode due to having a prank airdate being 1961 and released in 2013 as an april fools joke.
      • This also marks the only cartoon where the "Bugs Bunny in" Title Card has Bugs Bunny with a beach ball instead of a carrot.
  • Back when this episode was released in 1961, the "sitpop"/"pop" word didn’t exist until September 13, 1993.
  • This is the first episode that was in the Buster Bunny Pops All... custom theme in order, due to being the first project where Bugs Bunny popped a beach ball.
  • After this, Bugs Bunny would never sit on beach balls or hopper balls until they pop again until 2006.
  • This is the only episode to have the inflatables created by ACME until Sit n Bouncers.
  • If this existed in real life, this would be released between Lighter Than Hare and The Abominable Snow Rabbit, while for the Daffy Duck series, this would be released after Person to Bunny.
  • This was animated by Chuck Jones in 1961.
  • This is the April Fools Day Special of Looney Tunes: Inflatable Popping.