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Bunny Rabbit and Claude Hare are two carrot-robber rabbits based on the real-life gangster couple Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. They are a well-dressed rabbit male (Claude) and female (Bunny) duo who are always pulling off carrot heists, and their catch phrase is "We rob carrot patches," based on the film Bonnie and Clyde '​s "We rob banks."

Bunny was voiced by Pat Woodell and Claude was voiced by Mel Blanc. They both speak with pronounced Southern accents.

They appeared in two cartoons produced by Warner Bros. Animation and released by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts in 1968, titled Bunny and Claude and The Great Carrot Train Robbery (the latter was held over to 1969). Both films were directed by Robert McKimson, and were the first two cartoons he directed in his comeback to Termite Terrace.

Bunny and Claude were always chased by a stereotypical Southern sheriff (also voiced by Mel Blanc, his voice sounding similar to Foghorn Leghorn and Yosemite Sam), who would always pursue them in the prison even though the gangster rabbits would always foil his plans.