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An orange hopper which Montana Max bounced on a week earlier, which Buster sit-popped

Buster Bunny sitpopping Montana's yellow hopper ball with sharp shoes


Buster Bunny pops all of Monty’s hopper balls and gets grounded by Babs Bunny.


  • This is the first time Caillou, Dora, Little Bill, Arthur, Mr. Whiskers, Wakko, Robin and Max got grounded.
  • Fred Jones makes a cameo in this episode when he Buster a concussion time. This is also the first non-grounded for life episode to have the concussion time segment.


  • The orange adult hopper ball was one of Plucky Duck's hoppers, not one of Montana Max's hoppers, He either left it there by mistake and Buster Bunny didn't know about it or Buster decided to pop it along with his hoppers.
    • You can tell that that hopper was slightly deflated because the handle was a lighter orange color and the ball was a darker orange color, which is why Buster needed more strength to pop it.
  • Brandy had a black nose during the theme song.
  • When Buster Bunny went to Montana Max's house, his school was shown instead of Montana Max's house.