Cat's Trouble
Season 1, Episode 3c
Date Aired: June 29, 2016
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"Daffy Duck The Wizard"

Cat's Trouble is the third segment of the third episode of Season 1 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Tweety, Babbit and Catstello.


Babbit and Castello are searching for food, until they found Tweety. However, it seems that getting the little yellow canary is more tougher that they think.



  • "Hey, Babbit! I'm a Spitfire!" - Catstello.
  • "Catstello, look! A bird!" - Babbit.
  • "I tawt I taw two puddy tats. I did, I did taw two puddy tats" - Tweety.
  • "Hey, cut it out! Cut it out, pigeon! Don't do that!" - Catstello.
  • "This widdle piddy went to market, this widdle piddy tayed home, this widdle piddy had woast beef... Well, whatdya know, I wan out of piddies" - Tweety.
  • "Babbit, help me!" - Catstello.
  • "Now's our chance!" - Babbit.
  • "Aw, da poor puddy tat. He cah-wushed his widdle head" - Tweety.
  • "(grabs Tweety) Well, these two may not return, but this is only the start, breakfast. (Tweety hits him up with a hammer) Ow! My head!" - Sylvester.


  • This segment serves as a remake of A Tale of Two Kitties, featuring Tweety in his current design.
  • This segment marks the first appearance of Babbit in Catstello in the show.
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