Chain Gang Pepe is a Looney Tunes cartoon starring Pepe Le Pew and Penelope.


Pepe is now a Guard in one of France's Island Jails. and one of the newest Prisoners is Penelope for giving People in Ireland Bad luck when She looks at them. one day, a Prisoner after painting a Licence Plate white, forgot to put it up, and after Penelope sees the Brush, She makes a Deceitful look in Her eyes, and Painted Her Back/Tail White, in hopes of Escaping, unknown to Her as She escapes through the Pipes, a Guard cuffs Her Leg and It was Pepe! after Seeing Her (with the white Stripe.) He cuffs His Leg as Well, in hopes that He wants to make Penelope His Soulmate. however, because They were linked together by the Chains, Penelope Escaped (with Pepe) and swam to civilization. however since The Chains were hard to break, Pepe still pursued Penelope not as a Fugitive, but as a Love interest.