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Chaser Kitty
Season 1, Episode 24a
Date Aired: December 7, 2016
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Chaser Kitty is the first segment of the twenty-fourth episode of Season 1 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Marc Anthony, Pussyfoot and Sniffles.


After learning that the master of the house is threatening to throw out Pussyfoot unless the kitten starts catching mice, Marc Anthony attempts to teach the feline how to catch a mouse. However, Sniffles discover the plan and tries to take advantage of Pussyfoot being a child to fool her.



  • "Listen, Pussyfoot, the only way they can't throw out you from the house is that you can hunt a mouse. So, I'll teach you how you can do that" - Marc Anthony.
  • "Okay, Marcky. But how I chase a mouse?" - Pussyfoot.


  • This segment serves as a remake of Kiss Me Cat.
  • Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot's owners' voices are similar to the ones of Mom and Dad in Cow and Chicken (also voiced by Candi Milo and Dee Bradley Baker, respectively).