Chocolate, Cheese and Coffee is a Looney Tunes cartoon.


Bugs and Daffy visit Witch Hazel and her son for a small lunch party.Daffy then goes into this dark room in the house,where he accidentally picks up a red diamond necklace,thinking this was a magic necklace that Witch Hazel had made. He than, due to the necklace, becomes very addict to chocolate and even to steal everybody's chocolate.Meanwhile,Lola tells bugs that she is in a coffee business,doing this happiness to Bugs because then they cannot see each other so much,and he will do anything to keep her to her job.Tina is tired of seeing Daffy like this and goes where the witches house to get a piece of Sylvester's cheese to cure Daffy.Porky now can only eat cheese due to the pepperoni at PizzaAribba being pork.