Do Not Disturb is the second segment of the eighth episode of Season 4 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Babbit and Catstello and Spike and Chester.


Babbit and Catstello get into trouble with Spike the Bulldog due to they interrupting their sleep. As a result, they have to be completely silent, but Chester the Terrier seems to not help the cat duo to achieve their task.



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  • "(to Babbit and Catstello) Quiet! I said quiet! I hate noise! Can't stand noise!" - Spike the Bulldog.
  • "Babbit, if he needs to sleep, what should we do?" - Catstello.
  • "(when Babbit and Chester are chased away by Spike) Oh, I'm a baaaad pussycat (iris out and segment ends)" - Castello.


  • This segment takes some similarities with the 1952 Tex Avery short Rock-a-Bye Bear, starring Butch the Irish Dog.
  • This is the first segment to be animated at Wang Film Productions since TBA.
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