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Dr. Ivo Robotnik, usually known by his alias Dr. Eggman or simply Eggman, is the overall main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

He is a mad scientist with an IQ of three-hundred who is bent on world domination, during his villainous career he became obsessed with the idea of an entire world under his rule, utterly convinced with his twisted belief that the results of a world conquest orchestrated by him would make the world a better place and benefit all its inhabitants. Using his unmatched genius, Eggman began his plans, spending his entire life on his self-righteous mission. He is also the tyrannical ruler of the Eggman Empire and Sonic the Hedgehog's main arch-nemesis.

In the films, he is portrayed by Jim Carrey, who also portrayed as The Mask and The Riddler, and also currently voiced by Mike Pollock.