Froggy Music to My Ears is the first segment of episode six in The Looney Tunes Peanuts Show. It aired on Cartoon Network in March 26, 2016, and on Boomerang in April 16, 2016.


Linus has just received a small package from mailman Road Runner. When he shows it to Lucy, inside the package is the singing and dancing Michigan J. Frog. Lucy discards the frog, believing that frogs "don't sing and dance", but when Michigan starts to serenade her, she eventually becomes attached to him and decides exploiting the frog's talents for money. However, Michigan refuses to perform for any individual other than Lucy and Linus, instead devolving into croaking in the presence of others. The episode ends with Lucy losing patiece, and trying to get rid the annoying frog by putting him to a lake, but she found him again, and Michigan still performs only for her and Linus. A policeman overhears this and approaches both Lucy and Linus for disturbing the peace, but when Lucy points out the frog as having done the singing, the officer takes Lucy into custody. She is committed to apsychiatric hospital along with Michigan, who continues serenading the now hapless Lucy.


  • Lucy van Pelt (main role)
  • Linus van Pelt (main role)
  • Michigan J. Frog (main role; debut)
  • Road Runner (cameo; delivery boy)
  • Charlie Brown (cameo)
  • Policeman (cameo)


  • This is the second instance where the Road Runner is depicted as a delivery boy, the first being Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas.
  • Jeff Bergman voices Michigan J. Frog in this episode.
  • In a scene, Michigan sings Lucy and Linus a version with lyrics of the composition 'Linus and Lucy'.
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