Gabby's Fate is a The New Looney Tunes Show spoof skit made by Robot Chicken.


After decades of being ignored by Warner Bros. (especially after Petunia and Daffy's creation), Gabby Goat returns to the studio and plans to killing the other Warner Bros. characters.



  • Television
  • Animals
  • Fourth Wall
  • Bleeped
  • Violence
  • Injuries
  • Blood
  • Death

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  • This skit recycles some gags from Who's Killing the Muppets.
  • This skit marks the second time that the Road Runner is killed on Robot Chicken.
  • When Bugs, Daffy and Porky capture Gabby, it is similar to serial killer Ted Bundy's arrest.
  • In Gabby's trial, Puss in Boots (from the Shrek franchise and the homonymous spinoff franchise) being a judge is a reference to the MAD segment Law & Ogre.
  • When the segment first aired on Adult Swim and in recent reruns, there were several scenes that were cut out to fit the 11-minute running time (such as most of the Looney Tunes' deaths, except for Foghorn Leghorn & Barnyard Dawg and Sylvester & Tweety, the court scene and the epilogue where Gabby is sent to hell after execution).
  • The ending, when Gabby is executed on the electric chair, he laughs maniacally like the Scarecrow in Oz Prison. In the extended cut, Gabby is then sent to hell to meet Satan after being executed. The suicide scene was cut on Adult Swim in future reruns after the original airing for reasons unknown. However, it was retained on the DVD release.
  • An extended version of this skit appeared in the bonus features of the DVD release.
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