Galaxy Generation-Ups is a spin-off Bugs Bunny's Space Race.


The "Galaxy Generation-Ups" characters (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Gumball Waterson, Darwin Waterson, Ben Tennyson, Rook Blonko, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Johnny Test, Dukey, Finn, Jake, Tom and Jerry) are all from Space Race, except for the following two new characters who are exclusive to this series:

Captain Sammy: The Commander of the Galaxy Generation-Ups, Captain Sammy is forced to put up with their clumsiness since they somehow solve the cases they're assigned to. In one episode, to make sure the new equipment will work better, he had installed a mechanism which keeps them from touching it.

General Benny: Benny is Sammy's superior. He's unaware of the Generation-Ups' incompetence and blames Sammy for whatever goes wrong. In one episode he is seen giving medals for back up and celebrate disco.


Title Airdate
1 "The Purloined Princess" 2013·Sep·09
2 "Defective Protectives" 2013·Sep·16
3 "Whose Zoo?" 2013·Sep·23
4 "The Space Pirates" 2013·Sep·30
5 "The Clone Ranger" 2013·Oct·07
6 "The Dopey Defenders" 2013·Oct·14
7 "Tacky Cat Strikes Again" 2013·Oct·21
8 "Space Station USA" 2013·Oct·28
9 "Hail, King Bugs!" 2013·Nov·04
10 "Dyno-Mite!" 2013·Nov·11
11 "Vampire of Space" 2013·Nov·18
12 "The Treasure of Congo-Bongo" 2013·Nov·25
13 "Captain Sammy & General Benny Goes Hero" 2013·Dec·02
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