Gossamer's A+
Season 1, Episode 16
Written by User:BugsBunnyG
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Bugs and Daffy Get an Job


When There's a big test and Witch Lezah finds out That Gossamer didn't pass she'll turn him evil again. Then Daffy going to help Gossamer get an A. Then it was The Day and Daffy went into the School's Compulter and made Gossamer's Grade into an A and Then Went back home. Then When The Teacher pass out The Grade and Told Gossamer he got the best Grade an A+. Then When Witch Lezah finds out about his Grade she said There going to have a Little Party.But Gossamer didn't know about Daffy's Trick. Then at The Dinner, Daffy trys to hide becuase The Witch didn't invite him but she invited Bugs. Then When Daffy was Cilmbing Through The Air Vent He Fell in Granny's Food and Then everyone looks at him, Then Hunting Wabbits Plays and Then Daffy tells What Really Happend then The Witch aka Witch Lezah Told Daffy what was his real score Then Daffy says an A+++++ Then The Witch Beats up Daffy and put a spell to make him an frog and change him back into a duck.


Actor Voice(s)
Doctor Bugs Bugs Bunny
Teleram Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd
KitKat1894 Granny, Witch Hazel
MrJoshbumstead Gossamer
Lazaro Nightfury2 Tasmanian Devil, Yosemite Sam


  • Witch: Oh My Baby Got an A !
  • Daffy: I'll Help you get an A
  • Bugs: Wow Good Job Kid
  • Tweety: Yay The Monstew Boy got an A !
  • Elmer Fudd: Wow Vewy Good Jub Kid
  • Porky: G-g-g-g Great Work Kid !
  • Granny: How Wonderful !
  • Witch: What is The Sound
  • Daffy: The Real Thruth is I Change The Grade
  • Witch: Whats The Real Grade
  • Daffy: Oh A++++
  • Daffy Uhhh Whats Wrong....Mother
  • Sam: Yeah Goo Job, KId..... When Desert !