Hunting for Wabbits is the long-time awaited fourth episode of New Looneys.


It opens up to the forest, where Elmer Fudd is following rabbit tracks. He looks at the screen.

Elmer: Be veeeeewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits!

It zooms to follow the rabbit tracks, where Daffy is shown making them with a rabbit's foot boot. He looks at the screen.

Daffy: Yeah, I know. I've done it before.

Daffy leads the tracks to a rabbit hole and peers down into it.

Daffy: Oh, Buuuugs!

Lola pokes her head out.

Lola: Bugs? Oh, it's just you, Daffy.

Daffy: Hey! Wait, isn't this Bugs' hole?

Lola: Yeah, but he's not here. All I could find is a blank piece of paper!

Daffy takes the paper and reads it.

Daffy: This isn't blank, it has writing!

Lola takes it back and looks at the opposite side Daffy was.

Lola: Are you lying to me?!

Daffy facepalms.

Merrie Melody (Speed I Am)

It shows a brown streak run past the screen right, then left, then comes back and looks at the screen.

Speedy: Wee-hoo!

Mouse Chorus: Running, running, fast as he can. Running, running!

Speedy: Speed I am!

Speedy dashes off and Slowpoke walks onscreen.

Slowpoke: Ohla, seniors and senioritas.

Mouse Chorus: Slow...slowly...slowness, slow...slow...slowly...

Slowpoke: I'm a slowpoke...

Rosa Rapido, a new character, dances on screen as Slowpoke walks off.

Mouse Chorus: Dancing, dancing left to right, dancing, dancing.

Rosa Rapido: Every night!

Speedy and Slowpoke return.

Mouse Chorus: Maybe different, in their ways, but together:

Speedy, Slowpoke and Rosa: We all stay!

Rosa: Adios, amigos.

End Merrie Melody

Elmer comes up to Lola, who is still trying to interperate the note. Daffy sees him and jumps into the hole.

Lola: Daffy? Where ya going?

Elmer shoots at Lola, causing a hole to go through her bow.

Lola: What happened to my bow? It's not very stylish...

Elmer shoots again, knocking Lola's high-heel off.

Lola: Hm...

Daffy: OOF!

Lola: Daffy?

Daffy comes out of the hole with the heel of the high-heel dug into his head.

Elmer: Ssssss! I'm hunting you, wabbit!

Lola: Oh, a hunter! I love hunting! What do you hunt for?

Elmer: Wabbits.

Lola: Wabbits? I'm sorry, I don't know where any wabbits are.

Daffy: UGH! Hello?! She's a rabbit!

Lola: But he's hunting wabbits.

Elmer: Yeah, she's right.

Daffy facepalms.

Lola: Do you hunt ducks?

Daffy's eyes grow wide.

Elmer: ...Sometimes.

Lola: Hm... Now where did I see a duck? There has to be one around here somewhere...

Daffy: DUH! I'M a duck!

Lola: Oh, you're right! Here's a duck for you to hunt, Mr. Hunter.

Daffy: ...Mother.

Elmer shoots Daffy and his beak begins spinning around his head.

Daffy: You're dethpicable.

It goes to the Warner Bros. logo. Lola pops out.

Lola: Hi, folks! Wait, that's not it. Um, want more? No... Welcome to New Looneys! No, that's not it...

Daffy pops out next to her.


Lola: Oh, you're right! That's-

(The End)