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K-9 Training is an episode of New Looneys starring Marvin the Martian and K-9.


Marvin is in a martian house sitting in a green recliner reading a book with K-9 at his feet.

Marvin: Look, boy! It's a picture of when I first got you! I remember that day like it was yesterday...

Marvin's Picture

It zooms in on the picture and then the picture becomes more and more realistic, then finally the young Marvin begins moving.

Young Marvin: Ooh, wow! A puppy dog!

Adult Marvin's voice: It was one day when I was looking around Mars. My parents wanted me to explore Mars and find things they could use to destroy earth. I found you sitting on the ground.

Young Marvin: Hi puppy dog! What's your name?

Young K-9: Woof!

Young Marvin: You don't have a name? You must be lost! I'll call you...Marvin Junior!

Young K-9 looks at Young Marvin and begins to walk away.

Young Marvin: Wait, wait! I'll call you something else! Um, um, Kay-Nyne! Or just the letter K number 9.

Young K-9: Woof!

Young K-9 begins licking Young Marvin's face.

Young Marvin: Heehee, stop that! I need to train you! Daddy says that I have to destroy Earth when I'm a grown-up, so I'll teach you how to destroy Earthlings! We can use my daddy's UFO and kidnap one!

Young Marvin and Young K-9 walk off. The image slowly turns into a picture until finally it zooms out and shows Adult Marvin showing Adult K-9.

Marvin: Of course, we never managed to kidnap an Earthling.

K-9 (under his breath): You didn't.

Marvin: What's that, K-9?

Bugs Bunny sticks his head in the window.

Bugs: Ah, what's up, doc?

Marvin looks at Bugs, then K-9 and it fades away, revealing the Warner Bros. symbol. Marvin pops out.

Marvin: That may be all for now, but beware!