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A list of characters from Duck Dodgers: World Problems.

Main characters

Dodgers team​​​​

Commander X2


Duck Dodgers' love interests

Sabrina Bennett

Sabrina is a woman from Wales that Dodgers falls in love with. She rejects him because she doesn't have romantic feelings for anybody and thinks that there are more important things.


His second love interest. She is a beautiful Lithuanian woman living in Norway. Dodgers gets over her when he finds out about her boyfriend Kjell.

Daciana Vlad

A very beautiful Romanian ballet dancer that Dodgers falls for. She already has a boyfriend named Radu Dragos, however. She is also scared of him because he is so big and he can talk.

Cassandra Harold

A Czech woman that doesn't like Dodgers because she finds him annoying.

Filomena van Houten

A Dutch woman that Dodgers falls for as soon as he sees her.