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Balloon Ride (also known as Beach Ball Bounce or Paper Bag Burst) is a game in the show where Mr. Whiskers, Wakko, Robin and Max sits on a beach ball until it pops. While some people show that they can use a beach ball for sitting and bouncing on like a pogo stick since they produce inflatable sit and bounce/hopper toys made out of the same material as intex accesories like beach balls, because some playballs (playground balls) are suitable to be sat on until they burst, a balloon or beach ball is not supposed to be bounced on for over a minute. This can cause the beach ball to either get punctured and quickly deflate or get a bubble then burst like a playball, also known as sitpopping. The sitpop word orgins from a Tiny Toon Adventures episode titled Animaniacs, which has the pop word in the closed captioning when Plucky Duck punctures his inner tube that he was sitting on, because pool floats are used to be sat on in the ocean. However, in the beginning of 2004, anti-burst yoga balls were invented due to Wakko sitpopping eight yoga balls on May 18, 2003. On July 20, 2021, The Beach Ball Gang purchased an Animaniacs beach ball due to the popularity of Animaniacs, Looney Tunes, Teen Titans Go! and Sam and Max during the release of both of Metro Goldwyn Mayer's The Addams Family films.

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