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Looney Justice League is the the fifth episode of Season 2 of The New Looney Tunes Show, being a half-hour special, starring Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.


Claude Cat attendes Comic-Con with the sole intention of selling his idea for a television series to producers Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone. Claude ties up Brandt and Cervone to pitch his potential series, which it's a parody of Justice League.

Claude's potential series pilot plot

The Looney Justice League must stop Lex Fudd from robbing all the valuable things from the city. Meanwhile, The Yosemite Joker and his cowboy clowns enter the Looney Justice League HQ, and begin a wild party while they aren't here.



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  • "Wait a minute, what he's (Freakazoid) doing here?" - Bugs Bunny.
  • "Well, a superhero special isn't complete without me" - Freakazoid.
  • "(drags him away) Your show is at the other set, so go get out!" - Daffy Duck.
  • "What a good ending, but we don't think that it could ve a good show, specially because you tied us up" - Spike Brandt.
  • "What?! But it's my better idea! Unlike the one when I framed that bulldog from eating his "daugther" kitten. Forget it! After all, Warner Bros. doesn't know nothing about an Looney Tunes action series and you're not gonna mention your Duck Dodgers show, because it had more comedy than action!" - Claude Cat.
  • "Wow! Did you hear that guys, this man flashes out the bouncy set!" - Kitty Kelly.
  • "I know that Time Warner owns DC Comics, but mixing the Looney Tunes universe with an action scenario would be a bad idea to the fans. Remember Loonatics Unleashed?" - Spike Brandt.
  • "The concept was good and it had a cult following, but the Looney Tunes purists disliked it for not being "looney" enough. Besides that, I don't think Sam (Register), Steven (Spielberg) and Mr. Plotz would accept your plot pitch. It's full of stolen stuff from other DC works" - Tony Cervone.
  • "That's it! I and my artistic integrity and are out! (he leaves)" - Claude Cat.