The Looney Tunes Emeral Collection is a DVD collection with 50 shorts on 2 discs. It will be released May 14, 2013. A Blu-ray version will never be made, due to the fact that Blu-ray users were given the Platinum collection. &nbsp

Disc 1:

"Hare Tonic"

"Rabbit Seasoning"

"Rabbit's Kin"

"Greedy for Tweety"

"Fowl Weather"

"Ducking the Devil"

"Devil's Feud Cake"

"Pullet Suprise"

"The Solid Tin Coyote"

"Duck Soup To Nuts"

"Bunny Hugged"

"Who Scent You?"

"Road to Andalay"

"Mouse Wreckers"

"Gopher Broke"

"Three Little Bops"

"Hare We Go"

"Hold the Lion, Please"

"Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt"

"Porky in Egypt"

"From A to Z-Z-Z-Z-Z"

"Another Froggy Evening"

"Book Revue"

"Hareway to the Stars"

"Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears"

Cartoons on disc 2 have not yet been announced.