Mad Love

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Mad Love is the second episode of New Looneys. It stars Bugs, Daffy, Lola and Doodles.


It opens up to Bugs in his rabbit hole, sitting in a brown recliner reading a newspaper. Daffy sticks his head through the hole.

Daffy: Hey Bugs! Can I come in?

Bugs: What, is Elmer out again?

Daffy: No...

Bugs: Sam?

Daffy (nervously looking backwards): No...

Bugs: Then who?

Daffy: It-it's Doodles!

Bugs: Whodles?

Daffy: AAAAAH!

Daffy jumps in and ducks behind Bugs' recliner. Doodles sticks her head through.


Daffy (whispering to Bugs): Tell her I...moved to Alaska!

Bugs (whispering to Daffy): But ducks hate cold weather!

Daffy (whispering the Bugs): Prethiley!

Bugs: He, uh, moved to Alaska.

Doodles: Daffy! You'd rather hang out with this dumb rabbit than me?!

Daffy (quietly): Yes.

There's knocking from above. Lola pokes her head through.

Lola: Oh Bugsy!


Bugs hides behind the recliner too. Lola and Doodles stick their heads behind the recliner and a chase scene begins. Lola and Doodles chase Bugs and Daffy to the mines, where they all grab a hardhat. Daffy runs away, followed by Doodles, but soon loses her and exits the mine. It zooms out to Pac-Man style. Color code:

Bugs: Yellow

Lola: Red

Doodles: Pink

Lola and Doodles start in the center of the mine with Bugs directly under them. Lola leaves the center and goes up, left, right while Bugs goes left, down, right. It goes to normal where Bugs trips over a sleeping Taz, who is wearing a light blue hardhat. Taz joins the chase. It goes back to Pac-Man and Taz chases Bugs until Bugs turns up while Taz goes down. Doodles leaves the center and goes left, down, left and she and Taz corner Bugs. Doodles goes up while Taz heads towards Bugs and Bugs follows Doodles, then it goes to normal. Doodles trips over Sam.

Sam: Pesky duck!

Sam grabs a nearby hardhat, which is orange, and joins the chase. It goes back to Pac-Man style where Bugs is following Doodles and Sam with Taz chasing him. Doodles, Sam, Bugs and Taz stop as Lola comes in and blocks Bugs in. It then zooms out and shows Daffy with an arcade machine.

Daffy: Pac-Bunny itho fun!

It goes to the Warner Bros. logo. Doodles pops out.

Doodles: Oh, is that it? So long, folks!

(The end)

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