Mei vs Miyumi is an episode of The Looney Tunes Show.


Floyd's former girlfriend, Mei Ling returns and her and Miyumi agrue over who should get Floyd. They decide to fight for him and whoever wins gets Floyd.


It was a peaceful day in the suburbs. Floyd and Miyumi were at a park where Floyd saw somebody. Somebody he knew. Somebody he had not seen. Not in years. "Floyd! It's you!" she called as she came over to him. Floyd eyes widen and with surprisingly said "Mei Ling?". "Yes! It's me, Mei Ling!" said Mei Ling filled with joy. "Who are you?!" said Miyumi filled with jealously. "I'm Mei Ling, Floyd's old girlfriend. So, Floyd what do you say? Want to be girlfriend and boyfriend again?" said Mei Ling her hopes high as could be. "Mei Ling, I'd love too. I really would. But uh, I'm already in a relationship with Miyumi," Bugs explained. "Relationship? Since when is Miyumi your girlfriend?" asked Mei Ling curiously. "Since June," Floyd said calmly. "Oh no you don't!" yelled Miyumi kicking Mei Ling. "Miyumi!" Bugs said angrily. "What? She was trying to steal you away from me!" said Miyumi in defense. "No, she wasn't!" said Floyd angrily. Miyumi was about to say something when Mei Ling jumped on top of her.

Meanwhile, Deputy Dusty opens the door. he saw...Marcie. Fleach. "Marcie? What are you doing here?" said Deputy Dusty anxiously. "Date night. Let's go." said Marcie. "Right." said Deputy Dusty. Deputy Dusty then jumped into it and drove off.

Miyumi and Mei Ling were still fighting but Miyumi tripped Mei Ling making her fall into a nearby lake. "Mei Ling!" said Bugs worriedly running up to the lake. "Oh, don't worry. She'll be fine. She can swim," said Miyumi calmly. Floyd searched the lake but couldn't find her. "I can't find her!" cried Floyd. Miyumi then spotted Mei Ling. "She's drowning!" Miyumi gasped and dived in. Floyd stared at the lake, hoping they'd make it.

At the The Sunset Room. Dusty and Marcie are on a date. "Hey, Marcie. Wanna dance?" said Deputy Dusty. "Yeah." said Marcie. only to be cut off when music comes on and Marcie decides to dance with Dusty. Dusty and Marcie are dancing.

Miyumi was still searching for Mei Ling with she saw a spark of black hair. She swam to it and there was Mei Ling. She picked her up and immediately swam back to the surface. "Mei Ling! Miyumi!" Floyd said and hugged both of them. Mei Ling giggled and Miyumi did too. Mei Ling and Miyumi then walked off talking and laughing leaving Floyd behind. "So lucky, so so lucky," Floyd replied as he watched Miyum and Mei Ling head off into the sunset.


  • Samuel Vincent as Floyd Minton
  • Frank Welker as Deputy Dusty
  • Kelly Hu as Miyumi
  • Linda Cardellini as Marice Fleah
  • Moira Quirk as Mei Ling
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