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New Looney Tunes is an American television show that ran for five seasons. The show is still airing on television on Cartoon Network and Boomerang with reruns.


The show follows the wacky adventures of Bugs Bunny and friends.

Main Characters

Bugs Bunny  One of the main characters of the show apperances 115

Daffy Duck One of the main characters of the show and a rival of Bugs

apperances 115

Porky Pig One of the main characters of the show who is a stuttering and shy pig

apperances 111

Lola Bunny The tomboyish girlfriend to Bugs is rather athletic but a bit dim witted

apperances 112

Road Runner Possibly the fastest creature on earth always finds a way to outwit his foe Wile E. Coyote

apperances  114

Wile E. Coyote A coyote whose plans are always foiled by the Road Runner and never has good luck

apperances  115

Sylvester A cat that always tries to catch and eat Tweety or Speedy Gonzales

apperances 110

Taz A Tasmanian Devil that is completely crazy and will eat almost anything

apperances 97

Tweety  A yellow canary that tries to not get eaten by Sylvester

apperances 109

Minor Characters

Bosko apperances 5

Cool Cat apperances 4

Mark Anthony apperances 14

Pussyfoot apperances 14

Pepe Le Pew apperances 36

Elmer Fudd apperances 53

Cecil Turtle apperances 4

Barnyard Dawg apperances 23

Foghorn Leghorn apperances 19

Yosemite Sam apperances 34

Marvin the Martian apperances 22

Penelope Pussycat apperances 30

K-9 apperances 8

Granny apperances 39

Michigan J. Frog apperances 4

Count Bloodcount apperances 2

Witch Hazel apperances 7

Yoyo Dodo apperances 14

Sylvester Jr. apperances 48

The Goofy Gophers apperances 51

Pete Puma apperances 28

Charlie Dog apperances 9

Egghead Jr. apperances 2

Little Beeper apperances 4

Slowpoke Rodriguez apperances 16

Foxy apperances 1

Ralph Wolf apperances 6

Sam Sheepdog apperances 6

Rocky apperances 11

Mugsy apperances 11

Beaky Buzzard apperances 5

Henry Hawk apperances 7

Toro the Bull apperances 12


Season 1

ep.1 The Pilot

ep.2 Daffy and the Duckboy's

ep.3 To the Grand Canyon

ep.4 Porky's Chicken Shock

ep.5 Warts and a green face

ep.6 The great race

ep.7 Case of a Chase

ep.8 Bad Hare Day

ep.9 Dodo's R Us

ep.10 Hare to Hire

ep.11 Cactus Run

ep.12 Missing Sylvester

Season 2

ep.13 Great Grand Race part 1

ep.14 Great Grand Race part 2

ep.15 Bugs and the Girlfriend

ep.16 Barnyard VS. Foghorn

ep.17 Roadrunner!

ep.18 Story of Bugs Bunny

ep.19 The Alien Invasion

ep.20 Giving Up

ep.21 Halloween

ep.22 The after Party

ep.23 A coyote and a rabbit

ep.24 Breaking Out

ep.25 Daffy Duck a true story

ep.26 My Car!

ep.27 The Daffy Game Show

ep.28 Bosko and Bugs

ep.29 Le Love

ep.30 Yoyo to a Dodo

ep.31 Christmas

ep.32 Bull's Eye

Season 3

ep.33 A Bulldog and a Kitten

ep.34 I'm Tweety Pie

ep.35 Daffy Duck's Day Off

ep.36 Won by a Hare

ep.37 Rematch

ep.38 Elmer Fudd Night club owner

ep.39Lola's Big Day

ep.40 Bugs Big Day

ep.41 Bonjuer Penelope

ep.42 Dreams

ep.43 The Easter Bunny

ep.44 Granny's Homemade Pie

ep.45 Yosemite,Yosemite

ep.46 Duck Season

ep.47 Rabbit Season

ep.48 I'm Still here Penelope!

ep.49 Bugs Bunny Vs.Taz

ep.50 Egghead Jr.[episode]

ep.51 My little Kitten

ep.52 Rocky and Mugsy Return

ep.53 Sylvester and Tweety

ep.54 Wabbit Choas

ep.55 Good Game

Season 4

ep.56 Roadrunner to the North Pole

ep.57 Wile E. Coyote to the South Pole

ep.57 The Great Cool Cat

ep.58 Daffy Duck Astronaut

ep.59 Heir of the Hare

ep.60 Wabbit Hunting

ep.61 Sylvester Jr.

ep.62 Roadrunner Switch a roo

ep.63 Drive Thru Trouble


ep.65 Valentines Day

ep.66 Revenge of the Dodo

ep.67 Roadrunner Speedius Fastius

ep.68 Wile E. Coyote Hungarius eat anthythingius

ep.69 Sherlock Bunny

ep.70 The day I met Lola

ep.71 Total Harecutters

ep.72 A Singing Frog

ep.73 Spooky Halloween Tales

ep.74 Speedy the Fastest

ep.75 Daffy the Judge

ep.76 Elmer Troubles

ep.77 The Christmas Special

ep.78 Thy Duck

ep.79 That Day

ep.80 Happy New Year!

ep.81 Daffy the Baseball player

ep.82 One Kiss from Pepe Le Pew

Season 5

ep.83 Mark Anthony and Pussyfoot

ep.84 Daffy the President

ep.85 Welcome to Kentucky Doc

ep.86 Across the Ohio

ep.87 Porky's New Dog

ep.88 Barnyard Dawg pet of Porky

ep.89 St. Patrick's Day

ep.90 Another Rabbit-Turtle Race?

ep.91 Daffy's Valentine

ep.92 My Opera

ep.93 I am Foxy

ep.94 Michigan J. Frog the Return

ep.95 Elmer Season

ep.96 Marvin the Martian Wanted dead or alive

ep.97In to Australia Doc

ep.98 Bugs the Karate Master

ep.99 Wile E. Coyote True Biography

ep.100 The 100th episode!

ep.101 Late

ep.102 Thanksgiving

ep.103 Daffy The King

ep.104 Duck Dodgers

ep.105 Merry Christmas!

ep.106 Looney Tunes WW2

ep.107 K-9 the Awesome Dog

ep.108 Luck of the Irish

ep.109 Long Week

ep.110 Water

ep.111 Spring Break

ep.112 Daffy Basketball Player

ep.113 Day Dream

ep.114 Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner

ep.115 The End


  • Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Wile E. Coyote are the only characters to appear in all of the episodes.
  • Season 1 was the shortest season.
  • Daffy Duck's Day off is a parody of Ferris Bueller's day off.
  • Season 5 was the longest season.