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Night After Night
Season 2, Episode 19b
Date Aired: TBA
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Night After Night is the second segment of the nineteenth episode of Season 2 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Rita and Runt.


Rita and Runt find a place to sleep on a cold winter's night in December, but they discover that Rocky is hiding out on the floor above them. As a result, Rita and Runt start to torment Rocky and blaming Mugsy.



  • "(speaking through the phone) They're saying you trust your henchman with that suitcase of jewelery. Heh-heh. Look at him, pretending he's asleep. And all the time, he's thinking, getting ideas" - Rita.
  • "(impersonating Rocky) Hey, Mugsy, c'mere. Gimme a light" - Rita.
  • "I don't know how ya's done it, BUT I KNOW YA'S DONE IT!" - Rocky.
  • "(after seeing Rita and Runt) A cat and a dog!? Okay, I'm not thinking having animals in my hidaway, (he pulls out his gun) so... (police sounds) What the!? The cops!" - Rocky.
  • "(when he and the other officers enter) Well, well, so this is your hideaway, Rocky. Take him and his sidekick away! (his guys take Rocky and Mugsy away) You're going back to jail" - Police Cheif.
  • "(after he and Mugsy are arrested) Great, first defeated by a rabbit, and now by a cat and dog. I believes how the police realized where we were hiding!" - Rocky.
  • "But boss, I swear that.... (Rocky shoves Mugsy down to the floor and jumps up and down on him)" - Mugsy.
  • "You believe this guy will to be locked for a long time, Rita?" - Runt.
  • "Yes. Isn't it amazing what you can do with a few electric bulbs and some wire? (it shows a sign saying ROCKY'S HIDEAWAY)" - Rita.


  • The segment serves as a remake of Bugsy and Mugsy.
  • This is one of the episodes to have both Rita and Runt fight aganist a human rather than trying to being its pets.