Poyo! is a Looney Tunes crossover cartoon starring Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner . It co-stars Kirby . Unlike other Road Runner/Coyote cartoons and like To Beep or Not to Beep , this short contains no Latin names to indicate the characters.


Wile E. Coyote suddenly finds himself pestered by the pink puffball mentioned above during his attempts to catch Road Runner.


Wile E. Coyote, up to his usual roadrunner-hunting instincts, hides behind a rock and hears what he thinks is the Road Runner's speeding, but when he jumps onto the road to nab him, he is instead knocked out by Kirby, riding his Warp Star. Halting, Kirby then sees the dizzy coyote and walks to him, but it is not long before Wile wakes up to see the pink shere-shaped creature. The coyote then grabs Kirby by the foot and tosses him away, knowing that he is not the Road Runner.

Wile E., now resting on top of a tall rock formation, wields a grenade-loaded shotgun and aims it at the Road Runner below, who is eating birdseed scattered by him. Unfortunately, his lonetime ends when Kirby uninvitingly comes up behind Wile and says "Hi!" to him. Startled, Wile then misaims and shoots a grenade behind the bird, exploding, promping Road to escape. Furious, Coyote attempts to shoot Kirby, but the pink puffball dodges and the grenade instead hits the underside of a boulder, and in less than a second it explodes, throwing the rock up into the air and crushing Coyote. As Kirby tries to help Wile out of the boulder, the coyote sticks out an arm holding a "GO AWAY" sign, so Kirby just walks off.

Wile E. then repeats his final plan from There They Go-Go-Go!: loads of boulders packed against two cliffs ready to crush the Road Runner when he pulls the string. He hears the Road Runner beeping and readies himself, holding the string. But, for god's sake, Kirby comes up behind Wile and begins to plaster himself against the coyote's face, greeting him. Wile E. tries to peel Kirby off of his face, but as he does so, Road Runner goes into view unnoticed and pulls the string, opening the trapdoor and making the boulders loosen. By the time Wile has finally gotten Kirby off, a pebble falls on him, making him look up to see the boulders fall and bury him. Road Runner then gets birdseed and he and Kirby share as Wile E. Coyote holds a sign out of the pile reading "That's all Folks!".

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