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Rita and Runt's New Lifestyle is the first episode of the sequel to Wakko's Clues, Rita and Runt, which was a separate Animaniacs series for the rest of the Wakko Errors because of the reboot only having Wakko, the Wakko's Clues hosts and Pinky and the Brain. It was originally aired on Nickelodeon on December 6, 2020.


To continue Skippy and Slappy's plans on Wakko during the new non-zany era of Animaniacs, Skippy and Slappy join the rest of the gang to start a new life for Rita and Runt.


  • Dr. Scratchansniff, Minerva Mink and Claudette Dupri won’t appear in Rita and Runt.
  • Before becoming a main character in 2022, Ride-A-Ball (and sometimes Proto-Ride-A-Ball) plays Mr. Whiskers in most of his roles.
  • Wakko Error 7 will be part of this series.
  • Blue's Room parodies (for example: Snacktime Playdate) will also be part of this series.
  • Wakko invents a new kind of Wakko Error during a Rita and Runt concert.

Filming Errors

  • Wakko's hat disappears and reappears for just 6 seconds.


  • In the credits:
    • Rita is misspelled as Rila.
    • Dot is misspelled as Dakko.
    • David Bernard Wolf is misspelled as David Bernarf Wolf.