Scent-ed Criminal
Season 1, Episode 15c
Date Aired: September 28, 2016
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Scent-ed Criminal is the third segment of the fifteenth episode of Season 1 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Pepé Le Pew, Penelope Pussycat and Blacque Jacque Shellacque.


When Pepé and Penelope are on vacation in Montreal for separate reasons, they ended up crossed with each other again when they met Blacque Jacque Shellacque.



  • "Good night, sir. What bring you here at this hour of the night?" - Bartender.
  • "Well, I'm here on vacation to find zee true love, but I only found zis yellow rocks in zee Yukon" - Pepé Le Pew.
  • "(seeing the bag of gold) Say, that's pretty" - Bartender.
  • "You like it, keep it! I will save zee rest for souvenirs. (he later notices Penelope) Oh, my love!" - Pepé Le Pew.
  • "OH, NO! NOT AGAIN!!!" - Penelope Pussycat.
  • "Mon Dieu, skunk and cat" - Blacque Jacque Shellacque.
  • "Excuzes moi, what eez your nom?" - Pepé Le Pew.
  • "Blacque Jacque Shellacque, le plus feared criminel in Canada" - Blacque Jacque Shellacque.


  • The segment serves as a remake of Bonanza Bunny
  • The segment marks the second time that Pepé Le Pew and Penelope Pussycat are paired with Blacque Jacque Shellacque. The first was Little Beau Pepé (where Blacque Jacque made a cameo as a soldier).
  • This segment marks the first appearance of Blacque Jacque Shellacque in the show.
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