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Speed Warners
Season 2, Episode 23c
Date Aired: TBA
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Speed Warners is the third segment of the twenty-third episode of Season 2 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring the Warner Siblings.


The Warners want to racing in a kart race, but Dr. Scratchansniff thinks this could be dangerous because his brother had disappeared in a kart race. However, the Warners, without Dr. Scratchansniff realizing it, use a Wacky Races-style car to participate, but the Brain, in another of his world domination plans, is going up against them.



  • "Uh, Scratchy? This weekend will have a kart race and we want to ask if you could take us there" - Wakko Warner.
  • "Karting? Nein. It's too dangerous, even for children like you" - Dr. Otto Scratchansniff.
  • "Aw, come on? What are ya, deaf or something?" - Yakko Warner.
  • "Excuse me?" - Dr. Otto Scratchansniff.
  • "Uh.. he meant to ask Why can't we join the race?" - Dot Warner.
  • "Heheheheheheeeeeee, Looks like I’m in here too!" - Kitty Kelly.
  • "And we’re gonna win, no time to lose. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!" - Sally Royalty.


  • This segment serves as a spoof of both Speed Racer and Wacky Races.
    • It also takes some similarities with the Dexter's Laboratory segment Mock 5.
    • However, the Warners and Dr. Scratchansniff are not easily affected by the Speed Racer animation style and fast-paced voice work throughout the entire segment. Neither is Pinky and the Brain.
    • The song is made an electrical traffic remix is "Let’s Ride In The Flashy Lights", which is performed by Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner.
  • The ending, where the Brain is arrested for cheating, is similar to a recurring closing gag from Wacky Races, where Dick Dastardly is usually arrested every time he meets a police officer.