The Bear’s Halloween Nightmare is a 1979 Short Film Which was Directed By Friz Freleng.


After The Spotted Ferret, The Bear (Bär), The Smarty Weasel, The Hopping Weasel and The Squirrel Go for Tricking-or-Treating, The Bear Came Back To See The Mouse (Die Maus) Where He Met Her Before, When They Went to Bed, As The Bear Dreamed About The Halloween Nightmares, She was Afraid of Ghosts, Monsters, Witches, The Headless Horseman, The Halloween Pumpkins and The Spooky Trees, She Found Out She Had a Nightmare as The Mouse Told Her.


  • Mel Blanc as The Mouse/The Spotted Ferret/The Hopping Weasel/The Smarty Weasel/The Squirrel/The Ghost
  • June Foray as The Bear/The Witch
  • Frank Welker as The Monster/Spooky Trees/Ghosts/Halloween Pumpkins/Headless Horseman


  • This is The Bear’s Twenty first Short Film.

Release Date

October 26th 1979


8 Minutes


Rob Walsh (Composer)

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