The Bird, the Mice and the Puddy Tats is the third segment of the first episode of Season 3 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Sylvester, Tweety and guest stars Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse and Tuffy Mouse.


Tweety is now friend of Jerry and Tuffy. Meanwhile, Sylvester, Tom and Butch team up to catch them. But, like always, their plans failed thanks to Spike.



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  • "I tawt I taw three puddy tats. I did. I did taw three puddy tats" - Tweety.
  • "(to Sylvester) Listen here, pussycat! My son's okay now! And he'd better be okay by the time I get back! 'Cause if he dies, I'll pulverize you to pieces! Understand?" - Spike Bulldog.
  • "Father, are you okay?" - Sylvester Junior.
  • "Yes, Junior. I'm fine" - Sylvester.
  • "Wait a second, you have a son?" - Tom Cat.
  • "Of course I have, I'm married" - Sylvester.
  • "(in a sign) Cats! Oh, kitty cats! Come and get me!" - Jerry Mouse.
  • "(when he sees Spike about to beat Tom, Butch and Sylvester) Dad, stop! You're can't hurt them. This is wrong!" - Tyke.
  • "But... but... but Tyke, they are cats" - Spike.
  • "But you can't hit someone for something that's related to me. Also, if it weren't them, it would be the two mice" - Tyke.
  • "...and the bird?" - Tom Cat.
  • "I became friend of him" - Tyke.
  • "Well, I guess I have to stop chasing him for a while" - Sylvester.
  • "So, it was the mice (he looks to Jerry and Tuffy, who run away from him)" - Spike.
  • "You know, these two are in trouble. What you're want to do?" - Tweety.
  • "You know what? I'm happy" - Droopy.


  • This segment serves as a crossover with Tom and Jerry.
  • Tex Avery's character Droopy making a cameo is a reference to his crossovers with Tom and Jerry.
  • This segment is animated at Yearim Productions.
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