The Jolly Ol' Hare-o! is a Looney Tunes cartoon starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Yosemite Sam. Voices are provided by Rob Paulsen, Joe Alaskey, Jeff Bennett, Bob Bergen, and Tom Kane.


The cartoon begins with a limo pulling in by an empty pier, and Bugs is inside the limo. Bugs enters the pier, seeing Daffy and Sam in there, and they lie to Bugs that they are congratulating Bugs for his new movie (Bugs is a Hollywood star in this short). Bugs turns off the lights, then turns on the lights, and questions them that they were doing a scheme to knock him unconcious so he wouldn't make it to the premiere of the movie. But, Sam and Daffy lie again. Bugs turns the lights off again, then a crash is heard, and Sam and Daffy are knocked unconcious instead, and Bugs is dressed up as a karate student, and says that the karate lessons paid off, then Bugs gets into his limo, and drives off to Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Daffy says that now it's time to activate Plan B.
Bugs arrives at the Chinese Theatre, and Sam and Daffy arrives on a bike, but is stopped by a bouncer (voiced by Jeff Bennett), He says that they have to get in with a ticket, and Sam gives the bouncer a $10 bill, but both gets punched, then Daffy says the line made by Groucho Marx "Of course you realize this means war!".
A limo pulls in, and Daffy is dressed up as a famous actress, and Sam is the govenor. When they get to the bouncer, Daffy says that he's Megan Fox. They are let inside, and sits behind Bugs, but an announcer (voiced by Tom Kane) says to turn off cellphones that lead people to the ACME Corporation, and Exploding Jack-in-the-Boxes. Just as they were gonna get Bugs, the seats fold up, and Sam and Daffy lose the disguises. They cause destruction all over the place. When they land back into the room, Bugs tells them that they should've watched the movie, and he wonders if they were only there, and Daffy and Sam says "No tell.", and faints, and Bugs shrugs to the audience.


  • When aired on Cartoon Network for the first time, the crash sound was muted, and they changed the name from Megan Fox to "Ducky Delighted" for the first airing.



  • Wile E. Coyote made a cameo appearance after the announcer told everyone to turn off their cell phones.
  • Bosko's laugh can be heard when Bugs shrugs to the audience.


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