The Looney Tunes Meets Popeye the Sailor is a crossover special between The New Looney Tunes Show and Popeye the Sailor, produced by King Features Syndicate and Amblin Television in association with Paramount Television Animation and Warner Bros. Animation. The special premiered on WB Kids in 2019.


The Warner Bros. cartoon gang make a wrong turn to Sweethaven and eventually met Popeye and his friends. But when they hear about the Sea Hag's plan to kidnap Popeye, the gang goes in a new adventure with the spinach-eating one-eyed sailor to defeat the Sea Hag.

Voice cast

Looney Tunes

Tiny Toons Adventures


Popeye the Sailor




  • Popeye: Bluto, my arch-enemy.
  • Bluto: Popeye!
  • Wakko: Don Knotts!

(Yakko and Dot look unamused at him)

  • Wakko: What?!
  • Dot: Isn't he dead?

  • Daffy: Hmmm, an evil creature wants to take over this area? It seems a work for Duck Dod...

(he gets hit by an anvil by Porky)

  • Porky: It's not the best idea to transform into the G-G-G-Galactic Protectors, Daffy.
  • Daffy: Oh yeah.

  • Wimpy: Wait a minute, who ate my hamburger?

(he looks at Popeye)

  • Popeye: Don't look at me, Wimpy. You know I mainly eat spinaches. And I already know who was.
  • Wimpy: How do you know it, Popeye?
  • Popeye: She's right over there.

(he points at Lola, who is eating the hamburger)

  • Lola: What?
  • Bugs: Ehh... what are you eating, girl?
  • Lola: A cheeseburger. Why? Do you want some? (Bugs looks angily at her) I'm sorry, Wimpy. I'll pay you another one.
  • Wimpy: Thanks, rabbit girl. I'd gladly pay you Tuesday.

(all the others minus the Looney Tunes facepalm)

  • Sea Hag: Okay, then. How about a trip to the cave of your worst nightmares?
  • Yakko: No, thanks.
  • Sea Hag: Well, too bad! (laughs maniacally as she pulls down the lever.)

  • Mr. Director: (singing) Oh, lady! I know a lady with high-heeled shoes and socks of pantyhose! Oh, pretty lady!
  • Olive: Are you talking to me?

  • Mr. Director: Hello, nice puppy children with the spooky faces and the nice spinach-eating one-eyed sailor!
  • Popeye: WHAT?!

  • (Pip grabs and shakes Olive's hand slowly)
  • Pip: Hello, Ms. Oyl. My name's Francis Pumphandle. But, everyone calls me Pip.
  • Olive: (nervously laughs) Nice to meet you, Pip. Now, if you'll excuse me. (struggling) I... have to go... find... POP-EYYYYYYYYE!

  • Shorty: (singing) Happy boithday to my pal. To my pal, to my pal. Happy boithday to my pal. My pal, Popeye.
  • Popeye: (mumbling) Oh gawrsh. Me woist nightmairs have come true.
  • Shorty: Hey, Popeye! Wanna blow out the candles?

(he brings out a cake with explosive dynamite as candles. Popeye and the Warners scream in fear.)


  • This is one of the few Popeye the Sailor productions produced by Warner Bros., as a result of its parent company Time Warner currently owning the distribution rights to the Fleischer/Famous Popeye the Sailor shorts through Turner Entertainment.
  • Billy West reprises his double-duties as Popeye the Sailor and Poopdeck Pappy from Popeye's Voyage: The Quest for Pappy, while his previous voice actor Maurice LaMarche voices Bluto and Rough House in the special.
    • Tabitha St. Germain was also quoted for reprising her roles as Olive Oyl and Swee'Pea, but ended up being replaced by series regulars Grey DeLisle as Olive Oyl and Tara Strong as Swee'Pea.
  • Similar to various media, Popeye and Bluto are frenemies rather than enemies.
  • The Hungry Goat and Shorty returns as one of the Cave of Your Worst Nightmares gag reused from Animaniacs' direct-to-video special Wakko's Wish.
    • However, The Hungry Goat and Shorty get the most dialogue out of all the other torturers in the Cave of Your Worst Nightmares sequence.
  • Despite their Tiny Toon Adventures counterparts appearing in the special, Wile E. Coyote, the Road Runner, Pepé Le Pew, Sniffles and Taz don't appear in the special.
  • The scene where Lola is seen eating Wimpy's cheeseburger is slighty inspired by a scene of the Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! episode If You Can't Scooby-Doo the Time, Don't Scooby-Doo the Crime, where Daphne Blake is revealed as the thief of Fred Jones' tuna sandwich.
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