The Looney Tunes Sketch Show is a sketch show based on Cyanide and Happiness. It will have the Looney Tunes in different sketches. The episodes will have one sketch per episode. The show will have 9 seasons with 90 episodes each.

Season 1

  1. Nerd Girl Bullied-Lola plays a nerdy girl as she is bullied by a jock with wedgies, wet willies and swirlies.
  2. Villainous Anonymous-Several villains attend a villains seminar led by former villain Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz to discuss their problems.
  3. Wile E.'s Pain-Wile E. Coyote sings a song about his struggles to catch the Road Runner.
  4. St. Patty's Pain-Lola thinks Henery Hawk is a leprechaun due to him wearing a leprechaun outfit. Lola tries to capture him, to hilarious results.
  5. Toons of the Dead-Elmer's hunting comes back to haunt him for after he shoots Bugs, he and the other animals he's shot come back from the dead to seek their revenge.
  6. The Big Bugs Theory-Bugs Bunny and his friends are cast as nerds in this parody of The Big Bang Theory and must find their lost squirrel, Squeaks, when he is kidnapped by a burglar.
  7. Worst Bully Ever-Tina, Lola and Penelope must deal with a bully and make friends with them, but nothing seems to work.
  8. The Mainframe Warp-Bugs.Lola,Daffy,and Penelope end up in mainframe and must help Bob,Dot,and Enzio stop megabyte From getting rid of all the GameCube's
  9. The Bugsy Horror picture show-In a parody of The Rocky Horror Picture show Bugs and Lola end up in a hotel full of insane people and a bunch of horrors and encounter the evil Dr. Wiener Schnitzel and his plans for a plaything
  10. Mud wrestling- Lola and Penelope end up in a mud wrestling contest the winner has to do what the other says
  11. Lola's Rabbit Rampage-Lola is Tortured by the animator and tries not to go crazy
  12. Who's on first- in a tribute to Abbot and Costello Daffy joins the local baseball team and goes crazy as bugs tells him the Players names
  13. TIna's pet peeves-Tina goes through different pet peeves she has
  14. Nerdy roommate-when a nerd named Lola moves in with a tough girl named Tina decides to have some fun with her much to her expense
  15. Tweety and jerry in spoiled princess-When Lola Loud wants Tweety and Jerry for her Tea party They team up and constantly outsmart her in the end they give her a wedgie and a spanking
  16. Goat get's grabbed-Goat get's wedgie spanked and swirlied by random bullies and tries to get rid of them with her friend Tina russo's help
  17. Sabre toothed rabbit-in a story about the stone age told by daffy, a saber toothed rabbit named bugston sabretoothed rabbit is hunted by two cavemen named Elmer Fuddstone and Goldrock Sam but outsmarts them at every turn
  18. Ghost hunters-Bug Lola Daffy and Tina after watching Ghost Hunters decide to investigate a supposed haunted animation studio called Joey Drew studios but encounter more spirits then they bargained for and befriend a little devil named Bendy
  19. Alternate Endings-Alternate endings to classic cartoons are explored by Wile E.
  20. The Mainframe-In a parody of The Matrix Bugs Bunny finds out the world he lives in is fake luckily his friends are there to help him break free and return home before the evil Megabyte seals him in a storage pod
  21. The Sheriff Sketch-Bugs and Daffy try to call the Sheriff but they're are too many
  22. too many horrors-in a special sketch several horror movie villains struggle to find work but they find new jobs in the end
  23. Ludwig von drake's wonders of a cartoon-Ludwig von drake explains the logic of the looney tunes
  24. The Very Model of a cartoon individual-In a remake of the classic song Yakko sings about being a cartoon character to the tune of the very model of a modern major general much to the dismay of yosemite sam
  25. home alone-when buster and babs are left home alone they starts to have fun but have to defend the school against some robbers (babbit and catstello)
  26. See you in the movies-in a combination of animation and live action roger goes to find other means of career work when daffy persuades him to leave but deeply regrets it
  27. martian love-marvin looks for love but realizes he has had an admirer all along in the form an instant martian with lavender hair named galaxina
  28. pete and tyrahnee sitting in a tree-pete and queen tyranhee fall in love to due to the mad doctor's potion but realize in the end they maybe they were meant to be a couple
  29. fox vs fox-spyfox and claudette compete to see who is the better spy but end up teaming up
  30. the dead squirrel sketch-in a parody of the dead parrot sketch bugs tries to find the man who killed his squirrel and ends up on a wild goose chase
  31. cavity search but with wedgies as well -lola penelope tina and claudette get cavity searches by a policeman but he starts giving them wedgies when they talk out of turn for the crime they are accused of
  32. unnecessary sequels-the looney tunes gang parodies different movie by doing unnecessary sequels
  33. the little merlola-lola bunny stars in this special sketch about a merrabbit looking for love
  34. the trap sketch-with the help of the cast from right now kapow toons must find a trap hidden in the mansion and solve a murder mystery
  35. Toon idol-Judges Homer Simpson,Lola Bunny,and Claudette Dupri judge different toons singing abilities
  36. The Fuddtones-Elmer fuddstone and his family are explored
  37. MegaBugs-in a megaman parody bugs must suit up in a mech suit and defeat dr.fuddley
  38. How To Stop Slenderman-the gang discuss ways to stop slenderman
  39. Who's On First?-Lola and Tina star in a parody of the famous baseball sketch by Abbot and Costello
  40. The Very Model Of a Cartoon Individual-Bugs and The Warners Sing a remake of the titular song
  41. T True Toonywood Stories: The Tiny Toons-In an episode of T true Hollywood Story we look at the careers of Tiny and Tooney All a little Looney cast of Tiny Toons Adventures
  42. The Dead Parrot Sketch-Bugs And Daffy start in a remake of the Monty Python sketch of the same name
  43. CaveToon Days-The Toons are cavemen as a narrator commentates on what they did in those days
  44. Bustel And Babstel-After reading the book Hansel and Gretel Buster and Babs save Hansel and Gretel but end up in Witch Hazel clutches
  45. Carrots-Bugs Sings a song about how much he loves carrots
  46. Game Of Carrots-The looney tunes star in the series finale of the hit series Game Of Carrots
  47. A Christmas Song-Yosemite Sam is visited by the ghosts of christmas past present and future to show him why he should love Christmas in a parody of A Christmas Carol
  48. Bugs Vs Freddy-Freddy Krueger tries to kill Bugs but he is driving him nuts
  49. The Bugstrix-Bugs is tasked by agent Lola to stop agent Sam from turning everyone into slaves
  50. Lola Larson-Lola Bunny stars in a version of Rabbit Rampage And The animator ends up being Claudette Dupri who wanted to finally get even
  51. Our New Daughter (We Need to get High Ratings) - Lola and Bugs give birth to Lily Bunny, a white rabbit with gray spots.
  52. Breakfast Club-Various Cereal Mascots get together to talk together with lola as the moderator
  53. Yabba Dabba Doo-The Flintstones look back at the time they had together in the end we meet they're descendants
  54. Louisiana Lola and the golden anvil-in an Indiana Jones parody Lola Bunny plays an archaeologist in her first adventure who is in search for the golden anvil set to buried in the Freleng Shrine
  55. Behind the ears-We go behind the scenes in the making of the show and the effort that goes into it as we interview cast members and crew
  56. Toons In Space-In a Parody of every space centered media they toons go to space and must fight Darth martian (played by Marvin the martian)
  57. Under the sea-the gang meets spongebob squarepants and his friends they must stop plankton from taking over the multiverse
  58. Freddy Vs Warners-Freddy Krueger runs into the Warner bros and sister but they end up driving him nuts
  59. World Champion Wrestler-Lola Is Challenged by Rhoda Rhode to a wrestling match winner becomes the world champion Hi jinks ensue
  60. Back Alley Cat-Claudette Dupri must deal with Sylvia the cat when she is trying to get some sleep
  61. Cool Cat Returns - Cool Cat from Looney Tunes returns after his 50 year vacation
  62. Toons From The Crypt-Buster Bunny As the Cryptkeeper Hosts a new edition of Toons From The Crypt
  63. The Haunted House-The Gang goes into a haunted house to bust some ghosts
  64. Super Toons 64 - The Toons play an old 3D Video game.
  65. B Wabbit-A Child Friendly Remake of The rap battle sketch on robot chicken Bugs Bunny has a rap battle against Elmer Phudd
  66. Who Killed Cock Robin-The Murder Of Cock Robin Has happened detectives Buster and Babs Bunny are on the case hilarity ensues
  67. T True ToonyWood Stories : Roger Rabbit-T True ToonyWood Stories Takes a look Of The Career of Roger Rabbit and what he is up to now
  68. Good Things Come In Three-The Three Bears have to deal with the three pigs when the big bad wolf blows down after they try to move in 
  69. Toy Parody-In a parody of toy story we witness the life of toys who have to find they're way home after they get lost
  70. T True ToonyWood Stories Bonkers D Bobcat-T True Toonywood Stories takes a look of the career of Bonkers D bobcat and his many scandals

Season 2

  1. The 100th Episode Special - The Toons look at the 100 best moments of the 100 episodes, basically a clip show + commentary.

season 3

  1. The 200th Episode Spectacular-the toons take a look at the show throughout 200 episodes
  2. The 250th Episode Spectacular-with the 250th episode arrives they toons plan a party but the teen titans sue them for stealing they're bit but they win in the end due to teen titans go being a horrible horrible show and raven and starfire join the cast

season 4

season 5

  1. '

season 6

  1. The 500th Episode Spectacular

season 7

season 8

  1. The 750th Episode Spectacular

season 9

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