The Love Bears is a 1971 Short Film Was Directed By Friz Freleng.


The Bear (Bär) Wakes Up To See The Raccoons Playing Around, The Momma Rabbit and Little Rabbit Were In Attention, The Jumping Weasel Sees The Bear Walking Nearby, They Find Something How Mysterious Place Coming From This Distant, Sometimes, She Falls In Love with an Anthropomorphic Brown Bear That Ever was Called ”Mr. Bear”, Sometimes The City Began This Distant Were They Founded By, The Bear and Mr. Bear Went To The Restaurant To Have Spaghetti Which Whatever The Chef Says, Suddenly The Black Cat Comes in Danger To Catch Her, Mr. Bear Always Called The Black Cat “Ant Pasted”, Then The Black Cat Runs Away, as The Bear and Mr. Bear Gave Them a Kiss by Leaving the City Through The End of the Short Film.


  • June Foray as The Bear/Momma Rabbit
  • Mel Blanc as The Jumping Weasel/Raccoon
  • Stan Freberg as Mr. Bear/Black Cat/Little Rabbit


  • This is The Bear‘s Third Short Film.
  • A Black Cat Whatever is a Villain That Mr. Bear Calls Him “Ant Pasted” as He Runs Away from Him.

Release Date

January 8th 1971


8 Minutes


Rob Walsh (Composer)

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