The Mouse is a cartoon character from Warner Bros. Studios, Isolde Schmitt-Menzel and WDR.

The Mouse
Personal Information
Other names Scruffy (by Daffy Duck)
Mousy Mousy (by Granny)
Die Maus
Gender Male
Species Mouse
Age 27
Birthday December 1 1932
Affiliations The Weasels, The Squirrel, The Mole, The Raccoon, The Vixen, The Fox, The Spotted Ferret, The Badger, The Vulture, The Hare, The Rabbit, The Rat, The Vole, The Shrew, The Bear, The Bird, The Ferret, The Stoat, The Tortoise, The Turtle, The Sloth, The Snake, Owl, The Kestrel, The Frog, The Polecat, The Crow, Mrs. Hare, Mr. Bear , The Skunk, The Chipmunks, The Lion, The Hedgehog, The Hamster, The Beaver, The Lynx, The Cougar, The Marmot, The Tiger, The Gopher, The Kangaroo, The Otter, The Seal, The Sea Otter, The Sparrow, The Eagle, The Woodpecker, The Wolf, The Dog, The Cat, The Deer, The Porcupine, The Coyote, Momma Rabbit, Little Rabbit, The Duck, Granny, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Tweety Bird, Speedy Gonzales, Marvin the Martian, Pete Puma
Occupation Handstanding
Homeworld Earth
Residence The Small Cottage
Granny’s House
Interests The Bear, Making Friends, Dancing
Parents UnNamed Parents (Deceased)
Grandparents UnNamed Grandmother (Deceased)
Production Information
First appearance The Trip to Southwest
Last appearance The Extra Timing Show: Featuring The Bear and The Mouse
Voiced by Mel Blanc (1972-1988)
Richard Dean Anderson (1993)
Billy West (1990-2004)
Jeff Bergman (2004-2020)
Eric Bauza (2018-)

He is an anthropomorphic mouse that lived in The Small Cottage where he lives, he can stretch his legs as long as he wants, jump a rope with his torn-off tail or fetch tools from his body, as he likes granny which however he is interested with going to the other countries or going to the places as he wants, he became friends with The Bear (Bär) which the friendship has been made in the journey, he has orange fur (with brown ears, arms and legs), he likes to stretch his legs, jump a rope, singing, dancing, handstanding, sleeping and fetching the tools with his body, he likes his friends: The Bear, Granny, The Weasels, The Spotted Ferret, The Skunk and some other animals.

In Short Films

The Trip to Southwest

The Mouse Loves Granny

The Walking Sun

The Mouse Meets Dinosaurs

The Little Ferret

Cruising in Ships

The Love-a-Know Mouse!

The King Battle

The Mouse’s Christmas

The Country Town

The Bear and The Mouse

The Nighttime City

The Gardening

The Dentist

The Summer Vacation

The Bear and The Mouse at Christmas

Bedtime Stories

The Rainbow Rally

Dino Digs

Good Night!

The Seventh Seas

The Bear’s Halloween Nightmare

The Sleepwalking Bear

The Christmas Carol

The Guitar

The Showbiz: Starring with The Bear and The Mouse 

Happy Birthday, Bear!

The Gym

At School 

The Forest Deers

The Bear, The Mouse and Bugs Bunny

A Little Looney with The Bear and The Mouse 

The Twisted House

The Magic Duck

The Polka’d Bunny

The Little Wisdom

The Mousy Tales

The Bear and The Owl

The Bountin’ Rabbit

Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers: The Return

The Mouse Knight

The Daze in Space

The Aloneness Mouse

The Hardened Fence

The Party

The Sea

The Tasmanian Devil Returns

The Cupid Fox

Eyes by Eyes

The Little Fish

The Shop by Shop

Thirsty Mouse

The Happy Mousy

The Magic Ferret

The Money Adventures of The Bear and The Mouse 

Welcome to the Box Office Mouse

The Little Twisted Buddies

The Sunny Days of Summer with the Mouse

The Spring Flower

The Mouse and the Summer Breeze

In TV Movies

The Mouse’s Halloween Spectacular

The Mouse’s Christmas Spectacular

The Mouse: a Valentine for You

Bugs Bunny’s Another Halloween Spectacular 

A Bugs Bunny’s Another Christmas Spectacular 

The Bear and The Mouse’s Christmas Adventures 

It’s Bugs Bunny’s 52nd Anniversary Spectacular!

The Mouse’s 80th Anniversary Spectacular

The Mouse and the Carnival

The Mouse Goes to Road Trip

in Films

The Mouse: The Movie

The Mouse: The Movie II: Journey to the Wilderness

The Mouse: The Movie 3: All the Gang Stars 

The Mouse: The Movie 4: The Legend of the Temple Doom

The Mouse: The Movie V: Milk to Market

The Mouse: The Movie 6: The Star’s Magic

The Run with the Pin (2002 film)

The Mouse: The Movie: The Winter Fates

The Mouse: The Movie: The Final Chapter

The Bear and The Mouse’s Wack-a-Mania

The Bear and The Mouse: The Movie

Looney Tunes: The Movie

The Bear and The Mouse at Hawaiian Vacation 

The Bear and The Mouse: The Wild Run

Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run - Part 2

The Bear and The Mouse: The Movie 2

The Bear and The Mouse Goes To The Beach

The Bear and The Mouse’s Christmas Spectacular

The Bear and The Mouse: Gathering at The Sea

The Bear and The Mouse’s Thanksgiving

The Bear and The Mouse: The Movie 3

Looney Tunes: Back in Action 2 (2022 film)

The Monkeybird Curse: Starring The Bear and The Mouse 

In TV Series

The Mouse Show

The Mouse: The Animated Series

The Bear and The Mouse Show

Maus & Bär: a Looney Tunes Production 

Looney Tunes: The TV Show

The Bear: The Series

The Unlimited Looney Tunes Show

The New Bugs Bunny Show

The New Bear and The Mouse Show

The Extra Timing Show: Featuring The Bear and The Mouse 


  • The Mouse is a Part of Bastei Books “Das Buch mit der Maus” and Isolde Schmitt-Menzel’s Books.
  • The Mouse Became The Looney Tunes Star in the 1970s.
  • The Mouse Sounds Like Bugs Bunny.
  • as Isolde Schmitt-Menzel and Chuck Jones Knew They Wanted to Make The Bear and The Mouse Short Films Which Where They Had.


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