Looney Tunes Fanon Wiki

Season 1 (2019)

Let’s Visit My Friends

Looney Halloween 2

Season 2 (2019-2020)

Beach Ballooney Tunes with Mr. Whiskers

Pop Goes the Beach Ball

  • Sitpopping Sunday
  • Millionaire Monday
  • Teeth Blowing Tuesday
  • Weird Wednesday
  • Water Park Terrorizing Thursday
  • Flation Friday
  • Swimming Pool Mayhem Saturday
  • Bugs Bunny's Ultimate Punishment Day

Zaniness with Brandy

Total Drama Adventures

Tiny Toons

Let's Have Fun

Nicktoons Poppers

More Beach Ball Fun

The Best of Mr. Whiskers

Bouncy Chaos

Tiny Toons 2

Season 3 (2020-)

Ryde Tool Pawp

  • First Beach Ball Pop with Mr. Beaks
  • Mr. Whiskers Pops Brandy’s Air Mattress/Grounded
  • Mr. Beaks Injures Mr. Whiskers After Popping A Beach Ball/Grounded (Season 4 Finale)
  • 10-4, Good Bunny (New Looney Tunes Series Finale Part 1)
  • Buddha Whiskers (New Looney Tunes Series Finale Part 2)

Hoppity Poppity Hop

Beach Ball Messeroni

More Inflatable Madness

Mr. Whiskers Comes Back From Beach Ball Jail

  • Package Animal Tex
  • Meet Squeaks
  • Babs Bunny Pops All of Elmer Fudd's Beach Balls/Grounded/Concussion Time
  • Mr. Whiskers Poorly Blows Up Clyde’s First Hopper Ball
  • Ralph Pops All of Yosemite Sam Beach Balls/Grounded/Concussion Time

Jackbutt Whiskers