The New Looney Tunes Show: Behind the Zaniness is a half-hour special/mockumentary of The New Looney Tunes Show, airing on The CW. It is included as a special bouns on the The New Looney Tunes Show: The Complete 1st Season DVD/Blu-ray.


A behind the scenes look at The New Looney Tunes Show.



  • "After a long search for a network that the specials could stay, I discovered that my hairdresser works at The CW, which is coincidentally half-owned by Warner Bros. Then the specials were broadcasted around later on" - Bugs Bunny.
  • "Everyone knows that Wile E. Coyote was danger-prone. What the public didn't see was his recovery" - The Narrator.
  • "(tries to walk, but breaks his legs and cries in pain) This is extremely painful!" - Wile E. Coyote.
  • "Somehow, Wile E. became addicted to pain killers. It was the only way he could perform the bone-cracking physical comedy that made him a star" - The Narrator.
  • "I was originally Porky's sidekick back in the late 30s until those knuckleheads at Warner Bros. kicked me out and replaced me with Daffy Duck as his best friend. And I would never forgive them for what they did. Currently, I have a new home at an independent studio and I'm now working as a movie director" - Gabby Goat.
  • "Me and Catstello tried to capture that Tweety Bird for years. There was one time when we had tried to make him into a bird sandwich. But then the away" - Babbit.
  • "I have nothing against Mr. Jones. But sometimes that director portrayed me as a greedy and selfish idiot towards any character of which I have pairings with. An example was the Hunting Trilogy, where I got blasted by Elmer" - Daffy Duck.
  • "Unfortunately, I heard the Warners bickering and arguing. They also fought over steppin' into each other's lines. Afterwards, they broke up the act and their segments are put into hiatus until we can find a way to get them back together again" - Bugs Bunny.


  • The episode's format is a spoof of the VH1 show Behind the Music.
    • VH1 allowed the crew to modify Behind The Music's visual graphics package for use throughout the episode.
  • This episode takes some similarities with The Simpsons Season 11 episode Behind the Laughter.
  • First appearance of Gabby Goat since 1937's Crow Trouble. This was also his first appearance in color. The goat was redesigned to look more modern than in his previous appearances. His irritability, short temper was toned down more in this documentary, unlike his previous appearances.


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