The Nighttime City is a 1978 Short Film Which was Directed By  Friz Freleng.


The Bear (Bär) and The Mouse (Die Maus) Went Through The City of Germany, But The Night Came Up For Full Moon, The Bear Must Find Out How The City Gets The Nighttime Which The City Began To Play Many Funky Music as The Mouse Gets Disturb In His Sleep, But The Bear Told Him to Wake Up And Find Out How It Happens.


  • June Foray as The Bear
  • Mel Blanc as The Mouse


  • This is The Bear’s Twelfth Short Film.
  • There’s the end of the short film, Bugs Bunny makes a cameo appearance as he watches himself dancing in a neon light with 1955-1964 looney Tunes theme song (this is composed by Carl W. Stalling, this song was called “The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down“ which was the 1955-1964 version)

Release Date

March 10th 1978


6 Minutes


Rob Walsh

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