The Return of Duck Dodgers is the second segment of episode sixteen of The Looney Tunes Peanuts Show. It aired on Cartoon Network in March 36, 2016, and on Boomerang in April 26, 2016.


Set in the future. When Daffy was chosen to save a planet from a huge threat, Daffy returns as Duck Dodgers along with Porky, Snoopy and Woodstock.



  • Daffy Duck (as Duck Dodgers) (lead role)
  • Porky Pig (as The Eager, Young Space Cadet) (lead role)
  • Snoopy (as The Canine Space Cadet) (lead role)
  • Woodstock (as himself) (lead role)
  • Marvin the Martian (as Martian Commander X-2) (main antagonist; debut)


(Woodstock talks)

Snoopy: Okay.

Daffy: What he said.

Snoopy: He said we're in the planet, only we chased in its floor.


  • The designs for Daffy, Porky, and Marvin used on Duck Dodgers are reused in the episode.
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