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The Sleep Show is a programming block created by Looney Tunes. It started at 6:00pm ET each evening. Unlike Looney Tunes' other programming blocks, The Sleep Show is looped twice over the course of the evening. It ran for 6 seasons.


According to Looney Tunes president Sandy Wax, the block was founded because after 6PM, most preschool channels signed off for the night and blocks for adults and/or teens (i,e, The N on Noggin or Adult Swim on Cartoon Network) would take its place, airing edgy live-action shows and cartoons. Sprout executives saw this as a real opportunity to deliver great content to our audience at a time when they can't normally get it. Parents also said their kids want to stay up past their bedtimes.

On March 19, 2012, the setting for the block was changed to You and Me Tree.

The show still has a presence on Looney Tunes in the form of Maddie's World, which serves as a spinoff and prequel, detailing Maddie's life as a child. Madeline Fretz, the actress of Maddie, is an executive producer for the series and voices Mami. Daffy Duck, Henery Hawk, and Tweety Bird are present in the show. Prior to Maddie's World, there is spinoff called Maddie's Little Fables, where Nina and Star would read Aesop's Fables. It aired for 10 minutes during The Good Night Show. There was also another spin-off in 2010 called "Hola, Looneyitos" which featured Maddie, Henery, and real kids teaching English and Spanish words and phrases accompanied by episodes of the Sesame Workshop show "Sesame English", which was targeted towards kids who were learning English as a second language (ESL).


From the Looney Tunes Press Room: "Every night during this three-hour programming block, a different theme is explored, such as food, sharing, imagination and family. Host Maddie helps children wind down after a busy day along with Daffy Duck; the lovable and lively Duck-shaped puppet; Henery Hawk, an enchanting puppet Hawk; and Tweety, the yellow bird. Each episode of The Sleep Show® features songs, games, stories, stretching exercises for kids, sign language and crafts. The show also weaves in themed programming segments from kids’ favorite shows, including Thomas & Friends,™ The Berenstain BearsCaillou™ and Angelina Ballerina.™" (link)


From the Looney Tunes Press Room:

"The Sleep Show® helps parents to wind down their preschoolers at the end of a busy day. New concepts are introduced to children, including sign language, a foreign language (Spanish), and healthy habits (stretching exercises for kids)."

Interactive Components

"The Sleep Show section of LooneyTunesOnline.com provides preschoolers and their parents another opportunity to explore key activities from the show, including crafts, sign language and stretching exercises for kids. The site includes instructions and photos for the on-air craft segments, video of the stretching exercises for kids and sign language segments, an interactive storytelling experience and games."

Co-Viewing Components

"The show creates opportunities for preschoolers and their parents to jointly participate in activities, such as craft projects, songs, sign language and stretching exercises for kids."

Response to the Show

"Viewer Response: “My son and I watch The Sleep Show® every night before bed. It’s our snuggle and settle down time. I love all of the craft ideas and wanted to say thank you for putting together such a fun and educational show.”"


  • Goodnight Bell - Always shown at the start of each blockisode, Maddie and Daffy Duck would pick out a clue from their basket and try to guess the night's theme, usually with a "Goodnight Bell."
  • Sproutoscope - Either Cerrie or Maddie and Daffy Duck would look up at constellations from their "Sproutoscope" resembling something or someone they know.
  • Real Kids Segment - Daffy Duck would ask kids questions about the night's theme. Prior to 2011, the kids just answered Maddie and Daffy's questions in front of a green screen scene.
  • Looney Tunes a Sandy Story - Maddie would draw from sand and narrate stories, generally assisted by Daffy Duck, oddly similar to BabyFirst's "Sandman." This segment also got its own app. Added in 2011.
  • Crafts - Nina or Melanie would make their own crafts based on the night's theme, often opening with Let’s Make Something New. Dropped in 2011.
  • Ready for Bed - Daffy Duck would sing this song when he brushed his teeth and washed his face to get ready for bed, accompanied by clips from shows and blocks like Sesame Street, Make Way for Noddy, Barney & Friends, LazyTown, The Looney Tunes Sharing Show, The Looney Side Up Show, Fifi and the Flowertots, and Kipper and kids (including Summer Valentine, Anthony Michael Hobbs, Mikayla Harrington, Gavin Young, Chase Basilio, Emma Ward. and Alyssa Wert)
  • Clean Up - Maddie and Daffy Duck would sing this song as they would clean up the You & Me Tree after a busy day, accompanied by clips of kids like Mia, Laura Wert, and Alexa Chung. Added in 2011.

Openings and Closings

First Generation

The 2005-2009 opening and ending were animated by Primal Screen, an animation studio that also made some of Looney Tunes' other idents and promo materials.


The sun goes down and a bird flies to its nest. After, Blankets come down, a clock yawns, and we see a cat in bed looking at the moon rise up. The camera then zooms in to a cage. Also used before the 2008 Snooze-a-Thon, as well as before and after commercial breaks.


Next to the cage, we see a toy box closing and the Looney Tunes logo appears behind it. Goodnight, Looneylets!

Second Generation

The 2009-2015 opening and ending were animated by Trace Pictures, an animation studio that also made some of Looney Tunes' other idents and promo materials.


While reading a book with her son in bed, a mom opens a cardboard shoebox with the moon, Henery Hawk, and the Looney Tunes logo. The sun goes down, a bird flies to its nest, and a clock yawns. A rocket flies to a teddy bear in a bed (later the You and Me Tree as of 2011), and Heneries fly by. The logo appears in a blanket, then opens up.



The mom closes the cardboard shoebox and turns off the light.


Outside the You and Me Tree, Henery Hawk winks at the viewers and flies away. The cardboard shoebox closes.


Final hosts

  • Maddie (portrayed by Madeline Fretz) is the permanent host of the program as of December 18, 2006, and was the most popular one. She performs yoga and says words in Spanish and American Sign Language. She has appeared on The Looney Side Up Show a few times.
  • Daffy Duck (portrayed by Jeff Bennett) is Maddie's sidekick. He is a duck puppet. He is portrayed as a child-like figure towards his guardian, Nina. He often asked questions about the show's theme. He encouraged viewers to follow him in his routines such as brushing his teeth. His puppet has been updated a few times; on November 7, 2011, and on August 27, 2012.
  • Henery Hawk was a hawk puppet used to introduce show segments. He was also featured in games, such as "Henery Light the Way"; in this game, viewers were shown parts of a picture (as though they were illuminated by a firefly's light) and then guessed what the picture represented. Her puppet was updated in mid-2009. He winks at the Looneylets at the end of the 2012-present blockisodes.
  • Tweety Bird was a real-life bird who was originally used to introduce show segments. He appeared at the end of every show, with Maddie closing the show by saying good night to him and reciting a poem in which viewers were encouraged to "make a wish."

Former hosts

  • Cerrie Burnell was the original host when the show premiered in 2005. She was later fired due to some controversy and was temporarily replaced by Leo (see below). At first, it was just her and Tweety Bird, but Daffy Duck was introduced shortly before she was deleted.
  • Ryan (portrayed by Ryan Russell) was the temporary host after Cerrie was kicked off the show. During his tenure, Henery Hawk was introduced.

Criticism and controversy

The Sleep Show has been subject to some controversy during its lifespan.

Warning: This section may not be suitable for younger readers. Younger readers, please go to #Programming. For those who wish to read this section, viewer discretion is advised.

In July of 2006, it had come to light that Cerrie had starred in two public service announcements (PSAs) in college called I Have A Future (July 2000) and Boys Can Wait (February 2001). The subject matter for these two shorts wasn't very appropriate for a preschool audience, since the first one was about how not to get pregnant, and the second one involved a dildo. After Melanie landed the role as the host of The Good Night Show, the PSAs were removed from the website they were on, technicalvirgin.com. After the PSAs somehow found their way onto YouTube, Melanie confessed to her employers about the PSAs. She was subsequently fired. “PBS Kids Looney Tunes has determined that the dialogue in this video is inappropriate for her role as a preschool program host and may undermine her character’s credibility with our audience,” said Sandy Wax, then-network president. Cerrie was replaced by Ryan for a short period of time.

In 2009, the show was criticized by the Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood, claiming that the show was detrimental to a child's sleep patterns by running for 3 hours and not helping to lull kids to sleep.


The block got two apps.

"Good Night, Daffy" was released in 2011, and featured a few games, including brushing Daffy Duck's teeth and washing his face, reading him a story, and rocking him to sleep. It also included songs from the block.

"Looney Tunes a Sandy Story" was released in 2013, and based on a segment from the block.


  • The Berenstain Bears
  • Thomas & Friends
  • Poppy Cat
  • Dragon Tales
  • Rubbadubbers
  • Kipper
  • Angelina Ballerina
    • Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps
  • Make Way for Noddy
  • Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat
  • Caillou
  • Bob the Builder
  • Big Sister, Little Brother
  • Pingu
  • Maddie's Little Fables
  • Driver Dan's Story Train
  • Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks
  • Pajanitunes
  • Wibbly Pig
  • 64 Zoo Lane
  • Olive the Ostrich
  • Sarah & Duck
  • Clangers
  • Stella and Sam
  • Lily's Driftwood Bay
  • Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave
  • Zou