This is a transcript for The New Looney Tunes Show episode "Helter Shelter" from the minisseries "Toon Marooned". This transcript is in a work-in-progress.

Fades in. A headline for The Taz-Mania Post saying Today's Forecast: Sunny.

  • Daffy: (narrating) The weather here in Taz-Mania can be mighty unpredictable.

It starts raining and reveals Porky trying to protect himself with the newspaper, stopping shortly. Cuts to Monty reunited with his secret alliance.

  • Monty: I can't believe I lost this stupid game last week. Oh, well, at least we had a good job voting the Nurse off. Tonight we'll pick another loser and get him on the boat.

The others shake their heads, agreeing with him. A cloud appears.

  • Monty: Get lost, bub.

The cloud shoots a lightning bolt, reaching his back.

  • Bugs: This week, our castaways will use this ju... (shows coconuts, leaves and algae) hmmm... building material to build emergency shelters.

Cuts to Bugs and Daffy reunited with the contestants.

  • Daffy: The one with the best shelter wins immunity tonight on Toon Council.
  • Bugs: Good luck and go.

The contestants go and start building their shelters. Porky builds his shelter with coconuts. Sniffles comes by.

  • Sniffles: What are you doing, Mr. Porky? You're doing all wrong. That's no way to build a coconut hut. Let me show you how it's done.

He takes one of the coconuts, leading to the destruction of Porky's shelter.

  • Sniffles: I think I shouldn't have done that.

Cuts to Monty building his shelter with wood.

  • Monty: (using his hammer) I would like to see a storm knock this baby down.

A baby cloud appears.

  • Baby Cloud: I'm only thwee and a half yeaws old.

The baby cloud destroys Monty's shelter and also burns him. Sniffles arrives.

  • Sniffles: Mr. Max, you'll never get a shelter built laying around all day.

Monty gets annoyed with his talk. Cuts to the Warners bulilding their building with leaves, sheaching how it can be.

  • Yakko: Let's see. You're thinking, sibs?

Under construction...

  • Sniffles: Why is so difficult to chose your shelter design, Mr., Mr. and Mrs. Warner?

Cut to Buster and Babs bulding their their shelter.

Under construction...

Cuts to the Pussycat couple who are building their shelter with bamboo. Sniffles stumbles on a rope.

  • Sniffles: (untying the rope) Hmmm, I better get rid of this before someboy gets hurt.

Sylvester and Sylvia get trapped in the bamboo and the ropes and a crab attacks their nose. Cuts to the contestants reunited at night.

  • Bugs and Daffy: (singing) Nobody gets immunity tonight, since all the emergency shelters felt down.

Porky, Monty, the Warners, Buster, Babs, Pepé, Babbit, Castello, the Brain, Elmer and the Pussycats look angrily at Sniffles.

  • Daffy: (holding a sheet of paper and a pencil) Good luck.

Porky, Monty, the Warners, Buster, Babs, Pepé, Babbit, Castello, the Brain, Elmer and the Pussycats write angrily on their papers.

  • Bugs: (taking a paper) Sniffles. (taking another paper) Sniffles. (taking the final paper) Sniffles. Sorry, Sniffles. The toons have spoken. It was unanimous.

Sniffles turns sad.

  • Sniffles: But why, Mr. Bunny and Mr. Duck? I didn't deserved. They turned against me when I tried to help them. I'm friendly, that's my nature. I demand a recount. It's unfair. Totally unfair.

Bugs holds a "Pathetic, ain't it?" sign. Iris out and the segment ends.