This is a transcript for The New Looney Tunes Show episode "Oh My Darlin' Serpentine" from the minisseries "Toon Marooned".

Fade in. The title card appears.

  • Bugs: (coming out from the logo) Toon Marooned.

Cuts to Daffy dressed as a reporter.

  • Daffy: Yes, we're down to the final ten.

Cuts to the contestants who seem to be very hungry.

  • Bugs: They must be starving by now.

Sylvester and Sylvia imagine Tweety as a turkey leg.

  • Tweety: I don't wike the way they're wooking at me.

Elmer imagine Buster and Babs roasted.

  • Elmer: Mmm, woasted wabbit.

Cuts to the Pussycats who are trying to eat Tweety, with Bugs shortly wetting them with a water extinguisher. Then, they whisper to Monty, alluding to vote Bugs and Daffy off.

  • Monty: We can't vote them off, they're the hosts of the show.

Cuts to Bugs and Daffy reunited with the contestants.

  • Daffy: Today, we'll have a little roundup.

The contestants seem excited and dress up as cowboys.

  • Bugs: A snake roundup.

The contestants look scared.

  • Daffy: The first one to bring a snake back to the beach wins immunity.

The contestants start the search.

  • Bugs: (impersonating Bear Grylls) And nearly 99% of them are poisonous.

Cuts to Tweety, who finds a snake.

  • Tweety: Ooh, I tawt I taw an anaconda.

He ties it with the rope and rides it.

  • Tweety: I did, I did taw an anaconda.

Cuts to the Pussycats, who hit a snake with a stick, but it turns out to be a viper, stopping laughing and starting to cry, running away. Cuts to Elmer who finds a viper, but shortly starts shooting, scaring all snakes. Cuts to Monty, who is scared of a little snake and runs away, hiding in a cave. He breathes of relief, but wakes up a lot of snakes.

  • Monty: (scared) Mother!

Cuts to the contestants reunited at night.

  • Daffy: It's a nine-way tie for immunity here tonight.

Buster and Babs come in with their snakes, as well as the Warners, with Tweety riding his anaconda. Meanwhile, The Pussycats seem to be eaten by their snake, while Monty is being bitten by various mini-snakes.

  • Bugs: Ehh, sorry Elmer, no snake, no immunity. Get outta here!
  • Elmer: What? This is a farce! You wiww see it, you wascawwy wabbit and you scwewy duck!

Elmer starts to shoot and scares all the others.

  • Yakko: Run for your lifes!

Everybody runs away. Iris out. Bugs and Daffy rips the black screen, running from Elmer.

  • Elmer: Come back hewe! Now I'm weawwy, weawwy mad! (laughs)

He shoots and brokes the camera. The segment ends.