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Tweeted Mind
Season 1, Episode 2a
Date Aired: June 22, 2016
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Tweeted Mind is the first segment of the second episode of Season 1 of The New Looney Tunes Show, starring Tweety, Sylvester, Sylvia and Sylvester Junior.


As a promise that they made to Granny, Sylvester, Sylvia and Junior stopped chasing Tweety. However, it seems that accomplish that promise is more difficult that the three cats thought.



  • "Sufferin' succotash, this is the most stupid promise we ever done, Sylvia. It's impossible to not hunt that two birds" - Sylvester.
  • "Please, I'm hungry! I want canaries!" - Sylvester Junior.
  • "Junior, please, we're prometed not hunting the birds" - Sylvia.
  • "I tawt I taw three puddy tats. I did, I did taw three puddy tats" - Tweety.
  • "You bad ol' puddy tat" - Tweety.


  • The segment's title is a pun on "twisted mind".
  • This is the first time that both Sylvia and Sylvester Junior are paired with Tweety.
  • Hello Nurse makes a cameo in the end, taking care of Sylvester, Sylvia and Junior after they being strongly injured.
  • This is Sylvia's first appearance since Daffy Duck's Movie: A Fantastic Island (adopting her design from A Mouse Divided) and Aoogah and Hector's first appearance since Tweety's High Flying Adventure.
  • The segment also mentions that Aoogah was adopted by Granny after the events of Tweety's High Flying Adventure.
  • This segment marks the first appearance of Tweety, Sylvester, Sylvester Junior, Sylvia, Aoogah, Granny, Hector and Hello Nurse in the show.